Best Time To Visit Thailand


If you are under the impression that Thailand is limited to beach destination, then you should now book your tickets and head to this enigmatic country. One of the beautiful Asian countries, Thailand is among the top tourist destination. No matter when you land your foot here, you are going to be mesmerized by the magic it holds. Many things make this country worth visiting. From ancient Buddhist temples, to UNESCO-protected ancient capital Siam at Sukhothai as well as, recent history, the Bridge on the River Kwai, there are many things you will enjoy. However, the big question is when the best time to visit Thailand is.

Thailand is boosted with some lively and beautiful islands that witnesses different climatic condition throughout the year. When choosing the travel package for Thailand, it is important that you educate yourself with the right time to visit the country. At Travel Dilse, you are offered with all the details about when to visit Thailand and other essentials.

Best time to visit Thailand-

Ideally, the best time to visit Thailand is from December to March. However, you should prepare yourself for unpredictable drizzle even during the summer days. During these months, the overall climatic condition is quite sunny, making the perfect time to visit.

About the Shoulder Season

The shoulder season in Thailand starts from April to June, again from September to October. This is the season when you will not be finding accommodation in resorts and other hotels in higher rate. However, make sure you book your stay way in advance. Moreover, during September to October, you will find more rain, and fewer crowd.

Best time to visit Islands- East Coast

The east coast of the Thailand consists of different islands- Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and others. These places receive less rainfall, and the best time to visit from January to mid-March. However, be ready to bear some of the driest moments during these months. This is the period when you will see tourist inflow.

 Islands in the West Coast of Thailand-

The west coast of Thailand consists of various islands- Thai islands of Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi and others. Visiting during December and January, it is the best time for beach holiday. One can enjoy fresh weather, maximum sunshine and less rainfall. If you are among those who love to spend some beach time under the sunny day, then this is the right time at the west coast of Thailand.

Chaing Mai and the North of Thailand-

If you are looking to visit cooler spot of Thailand then Chiang Mai is the right place to explore. To enjoy this location, visit from December to February for lovely sunny days and cooler evenings.

Thailand during Winter-

The winter season in Thailand starts from November and ends in February. These are the ideal month to explore Thailand. During this season, the climate range between 15 degrees being the lowest and 28 degrees being the highest. However, islands in Thailand are cooler in both sides.

Thailand during Summer

The summer season is between March to June when the temperature is between 32 to 40 degree. Since the temperature is quite high and unbearable, tourists avoid visiting Thailand. However, visiting during this season can also help in saving money since costs of hotels are cheap. West coast, on the other hand, is quite cooler during the month of May.

Thailand during October-

This is the month when you can head to North and Central Thailand. Do not make the mistake of visiting Koh Samui, which receives more rainfall during October than September. For travellers, this is the right time to explore the country when the temperature is between 24-28 degree.

During the month of October, Thailand also holds some of the happening events. Some of this are-

Wing Kwai Chonburi, buffalo racing festival, and others that are celebrated for more than century. This is also the tie when tourist inflow is in rise.

The Lai Ruea Fai festival is yet another festival celebrated in the month of October


Although visiting Thailand throughout the year is fun, but do not bother yourself visiting during rainy season. When you know the best time to visit Thailand, you can easily plan your things and enjoy the best moment of life.

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