Maintenance of overall good health with Naturopathy

Maintenance of overall good health with Naturopathy

Maintenance of overall good health with Naturopathy

Strands like acupuncture, yoga, meditation and healthy food helps in curing the diseases of the individual. Jindal naturopathy Bangalore rather than finding treatment based on the current symptoms aims on finding the treatment of causes which shows up due to pervious medical history.

The naturopathic treatment deals with using the hydrotherapy, intermittent fasting, acupuncture, reflexology and use of the herbal medicines. The processes use the orthodox therapies in order to cure the patients suffering from chronic diseases. Jindal naturecure primarily deals with the concept that prevention is always better and easier than cure of the disease.

Earlier using these lifestyles and theories was easy but now with the passage of time the environment and surroundings have become so toxic that it is practically impossible to maintain a balance between both the aspects. The intelligent treatment involves therapy using methods by which the patient learns to take responsibility of his own health.

Naturopathy at Jindal Hospital Bangalore deals with providing customized diet plan to the patients. As a matter of fact naturopathy is not just restricted towards the use of natural medicines but it also has covered several up-to-the-minute methods like ozone-therapy, bio-resonance and hydrotherapy which are a combination of natural and modern therapy. As a matter of fact, with the help of naturopathy severe chronic diseases can be cured in comparatively less time. In this treatment food is considered as the best medicine.

Along with it, the suppressed diseases are brought to their original form and then the treatment is done. The diets are divided into following categories like: Constructive diet, Soothing diet and Eliminative diet each diet has its own benefit and provides remarkable benefits. The above mentioned diets improve health by providing purification properties and providing immunity from diseases. Ideally our diet should have 20% of acidic and approximately 80% of alkaline food for getting maximum nutrition.

Although naturopathy is very old technique but with the amalgamation of several modern technique. Naturopathy is done by physiotherapy which is also an ace time-tested drugless technique which also gives relief from pain by the help of modern equipment’s and skilled doctors. The counselling of naturopathy requires time as the doctor analyse the root cause of the disease and then according to the history of the patient proper treatment is customized.

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