Maharashtra elections: Shiv Sena-BJP face to face for CM post?

Maharashtra elections: Shiv Sena-BJP face to face for CM post?

Maharashtra elections: Shiv Sena-BJP face to face for CM post?
According to the information so far in the Maharashtra assembly elections, the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance is leading in 161 seats. At the same time, 98 seats are seen in the account of the Congress-NSP alliance.

The BJP alliance has crossed the 145 seats required to form the government, but the next Chief Minister of the state will be from Shiv Sena or from BJP, there are statements coming from both the parties and the situation is confused.

On Thursday evening, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray held a press conference at the party headquarters and emphasized the formula of 50-50, after the election trends were clear. He said that there was a talk on the formula of 50-50, what has been decided will be the same.

No younger brother now – Uddhav

Till now, Shiv Seva has been called the ‘younger brother’ of the BJP in the state, but Uddhav Thackeray clearly said, “Now there is nothing left like an elder brother or younger brother. Power-sharing was pre-decided. Who will be the chief minister and what will be the equation of power-sharing, these big leaders of both parties will decide. If needed, BJP Amit Shah will also come here.

Maharashtra elections: Shiv Sena-BJP face to face for CM post?

On whether the state will get the Chief Minister of Shiv Sena, his answer was, “Ghee sugar in your mouth”.

On the victory of his son Aditya Thackeray from Worli seat in electoral politics, he said that Aditya is proud, the public has blessed him.” I am in front of the public. It is our strength to keep the blessings of the public on Aditya and the party. This mandate is an eye-opener. ‘

Uddhav Thackeray’s attitude on the NCP and Sharad Parwar looked a bit soft. When he was asked questions about the better performance of NCP, he said, “I have no problem with the mandate that NCP has received.” Instead of person-centered campaigning, state issues should be paramount. ”

Everything will be the pre-determined formula: Fudd training Weiss

After this, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on the question of forming the Chief Minister’s post and the government, “We will move accordingly according to what has been decided between the Shiv Sena and us and you will come to know our decision at the right time.” I have given the answer to who will be the CM before the election. It is going to be there.

Let us know that before the election, Devendra Phannavis said that “CM’s post is reserved, Shiv Sena can consider the post of Deputy CM”.

Maharashtra elections: Shiv Sena-BJP face to face for CM post?

BJP seems to get fewer seats this time than in the 2014 assembly elections.

Fadnavis said, “I thank the people for this mandate.” I thank Uddhav Ji and Athavale Ji. Once again BJP has become the largest party. It is true that we have got fewer seats than last year, but we contested 150 seats. Our strike rate is 70%. It has got 26 percent vote share by contesting 150 seats.

Fadnavis, considering himself as the next Chief Minister, said with full confidence, “I think we should understand it in proportion to the seats. Our seats have decreased but the seats of the opposition have increased a lot.

I assure the public that we will live up to their expectations. There is no doubt that we are returning to the government. The public has expressed confidence in the NDA.

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