Jharkhand Election 2019: 38 Lakhs Found With MP Dheeraj Sahu At Ranchi Airport, Forfeiture Of All Money In Delhi

Ranchi, Jas. 38 lakh 50 thousand rupees were found in the luggage of Rajya Sabha member Dheeraj Sahu of Congress on Wednesday from Birsa Munda Airport of Ranchi. They were going to Delhi with this. On the information of CISF, the Air Intelligence team of the Income Tax Department investigated the whole matter and let them go to Delhi with the money and the information was given to the Air Intelligence team of Delhi. After landing at the airport in Delhi, Air Intelligence questioned him in detail about the rupee, but he could not give a satisfactory answer. After this, the team of Income Tax Department, Delhi has seized the said amount.

Now further if Rajya Sabha member Dheeraj Sahu fails to furnish concrete information about the money, then that amount will be confiscated. Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Income Tax, (Investigation), Ranchi Manish Kumar Jha said that the CISF at Birsa Munda Airport informed Rajeeya Sabha member Dheeraj Sahu about the amount in the luggage in Air Intelligence.

Air Intelligence investigated the entire matter and informed Delhi-based Air Intelligence that Rajya Sabha member Dheeraj Sahu was allowed to go to Delhi. He has been questioned in Delhi. There they did not give concrete information about the source of the money, due to which the said amount was confiscated. Dheeraj Sahu was boarding a UK-752 Vistara Airways aircraft at 9 am on Wednesday. During the pre-security checking at the airport, the luggage was found when his luggage was scanned.

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