Irrfan Khan’s son told why Babil Khan no longer shares memories related to his father? This is the real reason

New Delhi Since the death of Irfan Khan, Babil often shares his memories on his Instagram, which people are waiting for. But for the last few days, Babil did not share any post related to Irfan on his account, why so? Babil has also given the reason behind this. Actually, a fan asked Babil, ‘When will you share something related to Irrfan sir on your Instagram? Babil answered Fan’s question very affectionately.

Babil wrote, ‘I like to share, but then I get a lot of messages saying that I am using them to promote myself. And it hurts me a lot, while I really keep sharing his memories which he has left for his fans. So now I am really confused about what I should do, ‘.

Further Babil wrote, ‘I am trying to find this out right now. But I feel very sad to see this when people start messaging me that I am resorting to their memories for my benefit. I am his son, I do not have to do all this. Now I am surprised and a little hurt too, so only then I will feel anything ‘.

Let me tell you that it is going to be a year for Irfan. The legendary Bollywood actor had said goodbye to this world on April 29. Irfan had been battling neuroendocrine tumors for two years. The actor was last seen in the film ‘English Medium’ alongside Kareena Kapoor . Talking about Babil, Babil will soon be debuting with the Netflix film Qala. Anushka Sharma’s production film is directed by Anvita Dutt.

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