International womens day

International Women’s Day: Why International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 itself?

International womens day

March 8 means that today people all over the world are celebrating International Women’s Day.

The aim behind celebrating International Women’s Day is to give equal rights to women in society and to promote their participation in society.

In every country, this day is celebrated in different ways.

The economic, political and social achievements of women are remembered on this day. Most people give flowers and gifts to women on this day.

Many countries have this holiday, women are discharged on this day in schools, colleges, offices.

how International Women’s Day started, why it is celebrated on 8 March, etc.

So let’s know all these things related to International Women’s Day.

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When and how did Women’s Day begin?

International Women’s Day began with a protest movement.

In 1908, on 28 February, about 15,000 women marched in New York City in the United States to protest for fewer hours in jobs, equal pay for men, and the right to vote.

Exactly one year later in 1908, the Socialist Party of America declared this day of February 28 as the first National Women’s Day.

How did the Day begin to be celebrated internationally?

Clara Jetkin was the first to think of celebrating Women’s Day internationally.

Clara Jetkin first suggested celebrating International Women’s Day at an International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen in 1910.

At that time the press conference was attended by 100 women from 17 countries around the world.

All supported this suggestion and it was only in 1910 that Women’s Day was given international status at the Copenhagen Conference of the Socialist International.

At that time its main objective was to get women the right to vote because at that time in most countries women did not have the right to vote.

After all, why this Day celebrated on 8 March?

Now the question arises as to why and how was the day of March 8 from the last Sunday of February selected for Women’s Day?

In fact, Clara Jetkin, who brought the concept of Women’s Day, did not set a date to celebrate Women’s Day.

During the war in 1917, the women of Russia decided to go on strike for ‘bread and peace’.

The strike was also historic as the women’s strike forced emperor Nicholas to step down.

After that, the interim government gave women the right to vote.  At that time, the Gregorian calendar runs all over the world.

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