Historical Agreement on Syria in Russia and Turkey

Historical Agreement on Syria in Russia and Turkey

Historical Agreement on Syria in Russia and Turkey
During the marathon meeting between Turkey and Russia, there was agreement on military action against the Kurds in northern Syria. Both countries have described it as a ‘historic agreement’.

The agreement was reached during a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Ratchep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi, Russia.

Both Russia and Turkey have troops stationed on the Turkish Syrian border. America has withdrawn its troops from this area.

Turkey has launched an offensive against Syria’s Kurdish militia. Turkey calls part of the Kurds a ‘terrorist group’.

Now Turkey and Syria will jointly do joint patrolling of the Turkish Syrian border. It also shows the changing power balance of this area.

Historical Agreement on Syria in Russia and Turkey

The US had a cease-fire last week between the Kurdish fighters and the Turkish army. Just before its deadline is reached, a new agreement has been reached between Russia and Turkey.

Kurdish fighters say that under the agreement they have completed the task of removing their fighters, but the agreement between Turkey and Russia has extended the time limit for the withdrawal of the fighters.

They have been asked to remove the fighters up to a distance of 32 km from the border. It is being called ‘safe zone’ or safe zone and 150 hours time is being given to removing the fighters from this area.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) dominate Militia in the Kurdish force of northern Syria. Turkey sees this as a threat on its border.

Under the agreement, military control of the region is effectively divided between Russia and Turkey. So that America’s sudden withdrawal of its troops can compensate for the vacant role.

Historical Agreement on Syria in Russia and Turkey

Role of Russia

After the withdrawal of US troops, Turkish President Rachel Tayyip Erdogan began an offensive across the border on October 9. In this region, the US was supporting the Kurdish fighters fighting the Islamic State group.

Russia is an ally of the President of Syria and has deployed his troops close to the border so that foreign power cannot be held over the Syrian territory.

Due to the deployment of Russia’s troops, there is a possibility of a confrontation between Russia and Turkey. Both Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdogan want to avoid this situation.

The meeting between these two leaders lasted for about six hours in Sochi and during this time agreement was reached between the two sides.

Russia agreed to run the campaign to Turkey. This ended the risk of confrontation between the two countries.

Turkey is conducting its campaign in a 120-km area between Ras Al-An to Tel Abyad. But Erdogan reportedly wanted to set the entire 440-kilometer area of the border as a ‘safe zone’.

In a statement issued by Russia and Turkey, Kurdish forces will be removed from the cities of Manbij and oil refit.

Kurdish militias have not yet indicated whether they accept this demand?

Historical Agreement on Syria in Russia and Turkey

Role of America

For the past four years, the US-led multilateral coalition has been relying on the YPG to fight the Islamic State in Syria. Turkey considers it a terrorist organization with contacts with rebel Kurdish groups fighting in Turkey. US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from the Syrian border drew severe criticism from US lawmakers.

At the request of the US, Turkey agreed to stop the offensive campaign last week.

US Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday persuaded Erdogan to stop a 120-hour offensive campaign to “evacuate YPG fighters from the Turkish-controlled safe zone.” In the event of Vapiji’s fighters completely withdrawing, Erdogan agreed to a permanent ceasefire.

Historical Agreement on Syria in Russia and Turkey

How much loss?

According to the United Nations, over one lakh 76 thousand people, including about 80 thousand children, have been displaced from North-East Syria during the last two weeks. About three million people live here.

According to Britain-based surveillance group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 120 ordinary people have died in the conflict. It also killed 259 Kurdish fighters, 196 Turk-backed Syrian rebels, and seven Turkish soldiers.

Turkish officials say that 20 general people have also died in the YVG attack in the Turkish region.

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