Coronavirus: Shahrukh Khan donated 25,000 PPE kits, has helped so much before

New Delhi Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has helped governments in the Corona virus battle in many ways. Shahrukh Khan has now donated PPE kits to the Maharashtra government after providing financial support and his office. Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that Shahrukh Khan has donated 25000 PPE kits and thanked him. After this, Shah Rukh Khan also expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Health and spoke of standing together for humanity.

Have given 25000 PPE kits

Rajesh Tope has previously tweeted, “Thank you Shahrukh Khan for contributing 25000 PPE kits.”¬†It will support our fight against Kovid-19 and provide security to our medical care team.¬†Shah Rukh Khan also responded to this tweet and said, ‘Thank you for helping bring the kit.¬†We are all in this effort to protect ourselves and humanity.¬†Pleased to serve.¬†May your family and your team be safe and sound.

Shahrukh has already helped

Shahrukh Khan was the first to announce financial assistance to government funds and organizations. After this help from Shah Rukh Khan, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also thanked the actor, after which Shah Rukh Khan said that you just sir. During this time also Shah Rukh Khan was very much in the news due to his help.

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