Corona vaccination

Corona vaccination has an effect on 580 people, are you hesitant? Know the answer to every question related to your fear

Corona vaccination

It has been three days since Corona vaccination started in India.

According to the Ministry of Health, Government of India, so far more than 3 lakh 81 thousand people have been vaccinated with Corona vaccination.

Meanwhile, till now 580 people have got ‘Adverse Effect’ (adverse effect) after getting vaccinated.

This is only 0.2 percent of the total vaccine.

That is, in total, 0.2 percent of the people saw trouble after getting vaccinated.

Nevertheless, the Indian government has been able to achieve the target of its vaccination campaign by only 64% in the first two days.

In the first two days, the government wanted to vaccinate corona vaccine to about 3 lakh 16 thousand people,

but only 2 lakh 24 thousand people got vaccinated.

In many states, those who were vaccinated did not reach the Corona vaccination center on the first day.

Talking about Delhi, only 54 percent of the fixed people got vaccinated.

So, after getting vaccinated, less people are getting vaccinated because of the adverse effect seen in people? Or is there some other reason?

According to the Ministry of Health of the Government of India,

the highest number of vaccines has been planted in India on the first day

After the commencement of vaccination in any country.

This number is more than the number of America, Britain and France.

What is an Adverse effect following immunization?

Dr. Manohar Agnani, Additional Secretary of the Union Ministry of Health explained in detail about such effects after vaccination.

According to him, “Any unforeseen medical problems in that person after being vaccinated are called Adverse effect following immunization.

It can also be due to a chronic vaccine,

it can also be due to the vaccination process or any other It can also happen for a second reason.

These are usually of three types – minor, serious and very serious. “

What happens in the Adverse effect following immunization process?

He told that every person is asked to wait at the vaccination center for 30 minutes after getting vaccinated,

so that any kind of adverse effect can be monitored.

A kit has been prepared for this at every vaccination center, in which it is said that some injections,

water-drip drips and other essentials are necessary to deal with the condition of anaphylaxis.

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