Omicron Cases in Delhi

Corona blast in Delhi- 63 New Omicron cases detected in 24 Hrs, Maharashtra left behind in total cases

Omicron Cases in Delhi

Across the country including Delhi-NCR, there is a huge increase in the cases of the new variant Omicron of Corona. According to the latest data, 63 new cases of Omicron have been reported in Delhi during the last 24 hours, after which the number of patients suffering from this new variant in the capital has reached 142. At the same time, Delhi has also left Maharashtra behind in the cases of the Omicron variant.

It is worth noting that amidst increasing cases of a new variant of Corona in Delhi, night curfew is going to start from Monday night till further orders. There will be a daily night curfew in Delhi from 11 pm to 5 am next, during which only people involved in essential work will be allowed to move on the roads.

Active patients have tripled

The number of active patients in Delhi has increased from 934 to 1103. When the first case of Omicron came in Delhi on December 5, there were 370 active patients on that day. Due to this, active patients have increased almost three times in three weeks.

20.85 percent of patients are admitted to hospitals

At present, 230 patients are admitted to the hospitals, which is 20.85 percent of the total active patients. The rest of the patients are in home isolation. Therefore, there is not much pressure on patients in hospitals right now, but if the infection of corona continues to increase, then there is a possibility of increasing the pressure of patients in hospitals.

Containment zones increasing once again in the southern district

In the country’s capital Delhi, the number of containment zones is increasing rapidly since the last 10 December. The maximum number of containment zones is in the southern district. Whose number is 110, there is not a single Containment Zone in Central District and North Eastern District.

In the report of the Delhi Health Department, the number of containment zones had come down to 86 on November 1. Since then the number of containment zones is increasing continuously. Since November 1, this number has increased by 148 more. In view of this, the administration is also seen in a strict mood. Strictness is being increased in Delhi against those who do not follow masks and physical distance.

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