Indian Navy

Concern: Indian Navy said – China’s presence in Sri Lanka may be a threat, India is keeping an eye


Indian Navy

The Indian Navy has said that China’s presence in Sri Lanka can become a threat to the region.

As such, he is being closely monitored. On the awarding of new port projects to the Chinese Navy in Sri Lanka, Vice Chief of the Indian Navy, Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar said, “It may be a threat to Indian interests in the region and such activities need to be closely monitored.

” Ashok Kumar said in an interview to a news agency,

the Indian Navy is fully prepared to protect the country’s maritime borders.

No one needs to be surprised by this.

When asked whether China’s occupation of the port in Sri Lanka could threaten India?

To this Ashok Kumar said, if you analyze whether it is a threat or not, it is a very complex question.

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If any outsider starts showing so much interest in this area then it can create danger for us.

Also said that even though most of their energy sources

pass through this region and they may have a rational reason for doing so.

We just need to make sure that this is closely monitored.

China captured another port after Hambantota When the Vice-Chief Vice Admiral was asked whether the Indian Navy was keeping a close watch on such activities,

he said, “Yes to the entire region.

China is making inroads into Sri Lanka, where they recently captured a port city near Colombo. Earlier China had gained control of Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port, which was built by them.

India beefs up coastal security in the aftermath of the 26/11 attacks, when asked whether the Chinese can surprise us by sea route as they did in northern waters last year. He said, after the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, India had taken several steps such as setting up a coastal security network and enhanced surveillance capabilities.

In future, the Indian Navy will have new types of equipment, which will further increase its capability. Predator drones are being used to monitor maritime borders

The Indian Navy said, the two Predator (MQ-9C Guardian) drones are helping enhance surveillance of maritime security forces across the Indian Ocean region.

This is an important decision. This will increase India’s strength in the sea manifold.

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