China becomes red in America due to the law on Hong Kong

China becomes red in America due to the law on Hong Kong

China becomes red in America due to the law on Hong Kong
China has warned the US that if it continues to support the protesters in Hong Kong, then China will also take a backlash against it.

US President Donald Trump has approved the Human Rights and Democracy Act a day before in support of Hong Kong.

According to this act, America will review it yearly so that Hong Kong remains autonomous from the rest of China.

After this step of the US, China’s foreign ministry has said in its response that the US is not only ignoring the facts but is also presenting it by twisting.

The spokesman said in his statement – America is openly supporting violent criminals who are ransacking, setting a fire, attacking innocent civilians, defying the rule of law and also damaging the social system. Are delivering.

He said that if America continues on such a wrong path, then China will have to take retaliation.

What is in this bill

The violent protests that took place in Hong Kong when they were in their early stages mean that the bill was introduced in June this year. It received the support of almost all MPs in the US Parliament last month.

This bill states, “Hong Kong is a part of China but its legal and economic system is very different from China.”

“Through an annual review, it will be ensured that China is not violating Hong Kong’s civil liberties and whether Hong Kong is governed under the rules.”

The United States will also keep an eye on Hong Kong’s autonomy to maintain its special business status.

Among other things, Hong Kong’s special trading status means that it is not affected by any US restrictions or trade duties against Mainland China.

According to the bill, the United States will allow all those Hong Kong people to take American visas, so they have been part of the non-violent protest.

Experts say that after the new bill, talks about trade war in America and China can be affected.

What has been the reaction
China’s Foreign Ministry has called the US Ambassador and demanded that the US stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.

The government of Hong Kong has also said that the US bill will send a wrong message and it will not help to improve the situation.

But Joshua Wong, a prominent activist associated with Hong Kong demonstrations, has said that American law is a significant achievement for all people in Hong Kong.

What is hong kong status

Recently, in the local elections held in Hong Kong, the supporters of democracy had won heavily. There has been a decrease in demonstrations after this.

Demonstrations began in June over an extradition law. But gradually this demonstration turned into a pro-democracy movement.

The demonstrations also took violent forms and there were several clashes between police and protesters. The police also used force several times.

The protesters also attacked with petrol bombs and targeted several government targets.

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