America artificial intelligence sensor triggers an alarm when kids are left alone in a car

America artificial intelligence sensor triggers an alarm when kids are left alone in a car

America artificial intelligence sensor triggers an alarm when kids are left alone in a car
Often, children have locked up alone in a car, leading to their death. Now to deal with this, scientists have developed a technique that will inform parents through alarms.

Toronto, PTI It is often read the news that children were left in the car and due to this, they became victims of the accident. Many times children die due to fear or other reasons. Now, to tackle this problem, scientists have developed a new and cheaper sensor with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will alert the parents through the alarm in case of missing children vehicles, and in time they will not be exposed to anything untoward Will be saved

100 percent will give accurate information

According to researchers at Waterloo University in Canada, its entire system has been linked to AI through a radar technology. This system can accurately detect 100% of children and pets (dogs and cats) with no one present. That is, those who have left alone or are sitting alone. Apart from this, this device can prove to be very important for children sitting alone on cars.

There will be a fit in the palm

The researchers said that this device is so small that it can also be fitted in a palm with a diameter of three centimeters. It can also be combined with rearview mirrors of vehicles. This device works through signals from radar and reflects the people and animals inside the vehicle with the help of artificial intelligence.

This technique is cheap

George Schucker, a professor of engineering at the University of Waterloo, said, ‘This system can diagnose a serious, worldwide problem. The system is so cheap that it can become a standard device for all vehicles. ‘ The researchers said that this disc-shaped wireless sensor has been designed with the help of an automotive part manufacturer. It is expected that by the end of next year it will also be available in the market.

Know who is sitting in the car

According to Shakar, one of the advantages of this device will also be through which the number of people sitting in the vehicle and their location can also be ascertained. For example, who is sitting on which seat. He says that through this, the vehicle companies will also be able to find out how many people are traveling in vehicles. In such a situation, taxi companies will also be able to fix rates and tolls to provide services on a sharing basis.

Is able to distinguish between humans and animals

Researchers have made it clear that the first objective of this device is to protect children and pets. They also say that this device will completely protect the privacy of the drivers as it will be equipped with radar and it will identify only the seat. They also say that it is in the distinction between humans, animals, and goods through the AI system. It can be operated with a vehicle battery.

Vehicle drivers will also be kept watch

The researchers also said that they are also preparing to keep an eye on the drivers through this technology in the future so that they can be provided help in case of any need. In India, it can prove to be very effective because 70 percent of accidents in the country are caused by the negligence of the drivers. Not only this, ignoring the rules and lack of sleep are also responsible for road accidents. With this technology, drivers can be alerted on time.

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