Urvashi Dholakia Video: Tiktok banned, Urvashi Dholakia gets trolled, now gave fitting reply on Insta

New Delhi After the closure of around 59 phone applications, including TicketLock in India, many stars are no longer able to share their videos on TicketLock. TV actress Urvashi Dholakia has even started sharing her videos on Instagram after the closure of Tiktok. Actresses are sharing short-form videos on Instagram, like TicTalk. While sharing these videos, he has also responded to the trolls who were saying that his career as an entertainer on social media is going to end.

Now Urvashi has shared several videos on Instagram, saying that the ban on Tiktok cannot bring them down.¬†He has written a long caption with one of his funny videos and has responded to those who point fingers at him.¬†The actress has written- ‘Talent continues, entertainment continues and I know that as long as I can, I will continue to entertain regardless of a medium.¬†An app may be closed but not me. ‘

Further, the actress wrote- ‘So all of you are wondering what now, I say that the doors are always open …. Over 3 decades of journalism has entertained in many shows, platforms and mediums and it Will continue¬†So those of you who want to troll, keep trolling but nothing can stop me from preparing content to entertain my audience and make me satisfied. ‘


After that, Urvashi also celebrated her birthday on Thursday. The actress has shared many videos on her birthday on Instagram. These videos also include many funny videos. The special thing is that his videos are also being liked on Instagram and thousands of people have liked these videos.  

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