Ugees: How to choose the right underwear style for your outfit?


Every female has once or more experienced the uncomfortable bulges of underwear that sometimes ruin the overall appearance of the outfit. This issue might seem petty to read but ladies, we believe that we all can agree that only those who have gone through the embarrassment of being uncomfortable out in the public would relate that the struggle is real.

This is why it is important to be aware of the different kinds of underwear available in the market that are suitable for different kinds of outfits. Nobody likes the glaring stares that the ill-fitting underwear brings. This is why we are here to provide you with a guide that will help you choose and identify products that match your needs, so let’s begin!

First up is French cut underwear

This is a common type of underwear that is preferred by a majority of females. These are ideal for daily wear as they provide good coverage and do not hamper movement. They make up a great pair with activewear and even skinny jeans as the high-cut holes in them allow one to stretch their legs comfortably. Seamless French cut underwear will even solve the problem of visible panty lines if that is an issue.

Hipster underwear

Hipster underwear is a versatile type of underwear as it can be paired with any kind of outfit. Hipster underwear has bikini-like leg holes, which means that they even provide complete coverage. This type of underwear is usually breathable and it even enhances air circulation down there. What’s more? This can even prevent vaginal infections!

Hipster underwear is ideal for the time of periods as they provide a considerably comfortable area for the pad to sit which in turn prevents leakage. We all know how clingy leakages are; they just appear anytime, anywhere! So, even if it does leak, make sure you use a good delicate wash detergent to deal with the stains and Ugees, undergarment liquid wash is here to help in that.


Thongs are ideal for pairing with shorts since there will be no chance of unwanted panty lines or show. Choose them if you’re one of those that prefer form-fitting clothes, tights/leggings, etc. on regular basis.


If you want your underwear to also act like shapewear then briefs are your answers. They provide an ample amount of coverage from front to back. Briefs usually rest right below the belly button. Briefs have been known to be and still are popular for being the most comfortable for daily wear.

Tips for buying the right underwear

Now that we are aware of broadly every kind of underwear available in the market, let us explore how to choose the right one for you:

  • The underwear should suit your body type, acknowledge it and accept it.
  • Check and compare sizes as the sizes of different brands differ.
  • Avoid tight-fitting underwear as that will affect the blood circulation in the area and even trap moisture which can invite infections. Our bodies keep changing shapes and sizes with age so embrace your body’s growth and remember that change is the only constant. Do invest in well fitted underwear; not tight not loose, just the one that fit right.
  • The fabric is also very important, cotton is recommended when going for everyday usage. Our grandmas weren’t wrong after all; cotton is indeed the best for your body! It is breathable and comfortable. However there is nothing wrong with treating yourself with one of that sexy, lacey lingerie for special occasions.

Underwear and delicates are the most important part of your wardrobe. Being able to choose the right underwear for day-to-day needs is a must and a talent that can be acquired. From buying the right type and style of underwear to choosing the apt fabric, the process sure seems tiresome but once there, it can considerably simplify life. Hence, it is indeed important to choose the right kind of underwear. But what is even more important is how to take care of them and this is where Ugees comes in the picture. Ugees came up with one of its kind lingerie washing detergent that takes care of your lingerie/underwear like no other. It is a complete package for undergarment care from keeping your lingerie new and soft to making them smelling fresh. Not just this, it is a disinfectant formulation dealing with infection causing bacteria responsible for UTIs and also killing yeast in the laundry preventing fungal infections.

We hope this article helped you to sideline the struggle to choose that right underwear.

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