Dezharia Shaffer : Tik Tok Star Dazharia Shaffer wrote before committing suicide, ‘This is my last post’



New Delhi American tick-talk star Dezharia Shaffer has committed suicide. Famous Dezharia, named Bxbygirlldee and Dee on social media, ended her life at just 18 years old.

However, the reason behind why he took this step has not been revealed yet. Dezharia Shaffer death has shocked his fans and family. As soon as the matter is known, the police has also started investigation.

According to the Daily Mail news, Dezharia’s parents confirmed the news of the daughter’s death.

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The mother has informed the fans of Dezharia about a post on her Facebook account that the tick talk star is no longer in this world.

A few days before committing suicide, Dejharia shared a video on his Instagram story with the tag line ‘Last Post’.

With her video, Dezharia Shaffer wrote, “Yes I know, I am disturbing all of you and this is my last post.” Let me tell you that there was a good fan following on Dejharia’s Tick Talk.

On the other hand, Dejharia also runs a channel on YouTube called Bxbygirlldee on which she shares her videos.

According to media reports, Dejharia said on Monday that Tick Talk blocked him and he was not given any information.
After the daughter’s departure, Dezharia’s father said, “I can only hope that he wished he had told me about his stress that led to his suicide.”
The father said, ‘I was not ready for this at all, she was my best little friend. She used to be very happy and whenever I used to come home,
I used to get very excited after seeing me on the road. Now I can only hope that he wished he had told me about his problems, due to which he committed suicide. We would have definitely solved it.
I want to hold your hand again daughter. Now when I come home, she will not be waiting for me there.
I thank all those who loved and supported my daughter. ‘ Apart from father Raheem Alla, Dezharia’s boyfriend has also paid tribute to him by sharing a post on his Instagram story.

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