These ‘superbugs’ can end us if we do not take caution

Everyday, antibiotics are given to countless sick people all over the world. These medicines have proved to be an effective way to fight against many types of bacteria and have been supporting the health of humans for a long time. But in this world of medicines, a lot is happening that common people are unaware of. Because the competition for making one to one strong antibiotics is taking place among pharma companies. One reason for this is also to increase the anti-resistant power of bacteria.


Till now, the antibiotics that we used to believe that after their dose, bacteria have died out from us, our animals or our food, now that dose is not enough for these microorganisms. A recent research has found the presence of many new types of bacteria, on which the old dose of antibiotics does not look as effective as it should. These bacteria are killing large numbers of people every year.

Research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that four people die from these new ‘superbugs’ every hour in the United States alone.¬†This report is full of such things related to health, which is very natural to be scared to read.¬†On the basis of the report, it is being said by the experts that there is no doubt that in the coming time antibiotics will become ineffective, examples of this have already started coming.¬†The point to think is that the new technology is still failing to catch many anti-resistance increased by these bacteria.

However, scientists are always working on new antibiotic drugs, which can eliminate any kind of infection. Especially infections and bacteria that are not effective on current medicines. But the development of those new options is often slow and incredibly expensive. According to the CDC, vaccination is the most efficient way to deal with this condition today. Because it keeps our body ready to fight infection before it is born. If we pay serious attention to this, then we will not need antibiotics.

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