Sunny Leone worried about the workers working on daily wages, said- ‘I am worried about every person who cares for me…’

New Delhi, Jnn. Ever since the epidemic of Corona era has made the whole country its victim, people have suffered financial loss apart from life and property. These include from small artists working in the film industry to other workers. Due to the closure of the film industry for months, small artists and workers have been facing a lot of difficulties financially. In such a situation, Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has expressed her concern for these people.

According to the news of the English website Hindustan Times, expressing concern over the plight of daily wage earners, Sunny Leone says that her heart cries for such workers. According to the actress, the actors can still make their own arrangements for some time without any financial trouble, but the workers cannot. Sunny Leone said this when she was asked how difficult it was to sit at home without work and how much damage was done.

The actress said, “I think actors like us can go without work for a month or so. Though it will add to our woes, but what worries me the most is the spot boy and light boy makeup artists, Hair Dada, who used to run his household with daily money. I am concerned about everyone who makes me happy every day and wishing me good morning.’

Sunny Leone further said, ‘Every artist working on daily wages on the set is in bad shape. I don’t know how he would have survived. It also cannot be denied that the industry runs on their support. We can survive by sitting at home but not these people. I get upset thinking about this. These people have to be helped.

Apart from this, Sean Leoni has talked a lot about daily wage laborers. Let us tell you that the havoc of Corona virus has been going on since March last year. Last year, due to this epidemic, a lockdown was imposed in the entire country. Due to which all kinds of business had to be closed. Something similar was seen in the second wave of corona virus. Due to the lockdown twice, the daily working workers are facing financial difficulties.  

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