Salman Khan again showed generosity, gave special gift to Rahul Vaidya, Singer shared photo 

New Delhi ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is over, but almost all contestants of the show are in the limelight. At the same time, the show’s runner-up Rahul Vaidya has also remained in the headlines continuously. New videos and pictures of Rahul are prevalent on social media every day. Sometimes he is spotted with his girlfriend Disha Parmar, and sometimes partying with the show’s X Contestant. Rahul may not have won the show the title of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ winner, but he has definitely won the heart of the show’s host and superstar Salman Khan. The biggest proof of this is a special gift given by Salman Khan recently. Sharing a picture of this special gift of Bhaijaan, Rahul has thanked him.

Bollywood Dabangg Salman Khan has gifted a Being Human e-bike to Rahul Vaidya. Rahul has shared the picture of this e-bike on his Instagram account. While thanking Salman Khan, Rahul wrote- ‘Finally, Salman Khan gifted an e-bike. This experience is fantastic and I like to come out and do cardio. ‘ Fans are very fond of this post of Rahul. At the same time, all are giving their feedback by commenting on it. So far this picture has received more than three lakh likes.

Let me tell you that recently ‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestant Rahul Vaidya and Ali met each other. Not only this, both of them also had a romantic dinner date with their girlfriends Jasmine Bhasin and Disha Parmar. Many pictures and videos of this dinner date came out, in which the four were seen going together for the dinner date. Ali, Jasmine and Rahul already know each other, but the direction between the three also looked completely comfortable. In the video and photo of the four, both the couples were seen having lots of fun. These fun pictures of the four went viral on social media.

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