Radhika Apte, who was broken when the nude video was leaked

Radhika Apte Bollywood is considered one of the boldest actresses of Bollywood. In each of her films, she chooses her own role very carefully, even if there is a contraption on it later. She does not pay much attention to Gossip and Fake News in the media about herself, but do you know there was an incident with Radhika who broke them. Actually Radhika Apte was trolled a lot when her nude video was leaked. In her recent interview, the actress said that it had a bad effect on her.

When nude video was leaked

Radhika said that her video that was leaked identified her from her driver to the watchman. In an interview to Grazia magazine, Radhika said that when a nude clip leaked during the shoot of “Clean Shave”, I was trolled badly and it affected me. I could not get out of the house for four days, not because what was being said in the media, but my driver, the watchman and the driver of my stylist identified me in the pictures. ‘

Radhika further says’ ignore it. Anything else is a waste of your time. So when I took off clothes for “Parched”, I realized that there was nothing to hide. ‘

‘Being nude on screen was a bit intimidating’

On the question of giving nude scenes in the film “Parched”, Radhika says that it was not easy because at that time I was struggling with my body image. Being nude on screen was a bit intimidating. Now I can do it anywhere. ‘

‘I know what to do with my body’

She further says that ‘Of course the film went to many places and my work was appreciated. I really needed this kind of work because when you are Bollywood you are constantly advised on what to do with your body. I always thought that I would never do anything on my body or face. Let us know that Radhika Apte’s film ‘OK Computer’ was released recently. 

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