Oscar Awards 2021: Know who is China’s Chloe Zhao, who created history at 93rd Academy Awards

New Delhi Chinese-origin filmmaker Cloey Chao made history at the 93rd Academy Awards. Cloey has been awarded the Best Director award for Nomadland. Cloey is the second female filmmaker to receive an Oscar in the directorial field, while the first Asian.

The first female director to receive the Best Director award in the history of the Academy Awards is director Catherine Biglow, who was awarded this award for Hartlocker in 2010. The 39-year-old has her first Oscar Award. Nomadaland shows the real-life struggle of the Nomad community. Nomad is said to be a community of people who have no place to live and earn a living by wandering around. Some real Nomads were also cast in Nomad.

The lead role in Nomadland is played by actress Frances McDonald, who has won the Best Actress Award. Nomadland was nominated in a total of 6 categories, out of which he won the award for Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Director. Prior to the Oscars, Nomadland has received the Golden Globe, the Directors Guild of America Award and BAFTA. This film has also been edited by Cloey.

Chao was born in the city of Beijing, China. She remained there for 14 years. His early studies took place at a boarding school in London. He then studied in Los Angeles, USA. This is Chao’s third film. In 2015, Chao directed the first film Songs My Brothers Taught Me. The film was nominated at the 31st Independent Spirit Awards. In 2017 he directed The Rider, which featured a young cowboy’s Journey. 

The irony is that despite being of Chinese origin, Chinese viewers could not watch Cloey live taking the Oscar Award, as it was not broadcast in China. According to media reports, Chloe Chao has also been opposed on Chinese social media for some of her comments in the past. The Academy Awards were also not broadcast in Hong Kong. This is the first time in the history of Oscar that free-to-air broadcaster TVB did not broadcast the award ceremony live.

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