Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi:The user asked ‘which slumdog center has adopted the daughter’, flamboyant Mandira Bedi replied

Mandira Bedi

Famous actress Mandira Bedi suddenly came into the limelight

When Mandira Bedi adopted a daughter last year. Although Mandira gets a lot of headlines on social media on the day she came,

but after adopting the daughter at the age of 48, her bridges were praised all around.

However, this thing is not going down the throat of some users and they have made controversial comments for their daughter,

on which Mandira got angry and stopped talking to the trollers.

Mandira Bedi is very active on social media and frequently shares photos with her son Veer and adopted daughter, Tara.

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Once again Mandira shared some pictures on the Instagram story with both her children,

on which some users have made unbearable comments and Mandira’s anger has reached the seventh sky.

Actually, some users have commented on Mandira’s story against her daughter Tara. One user even asked, ‘Madam, from which slumdog center have you adopted your daughter?

At the same time, another user wrote, ‘The adopted girl looks completely different from you people, you greedy drug addicts are scaring this slum girl forever.

Just what was there again Mandira has given a befitting reply to this. He wrote, ‘Special attention needs to be given to such people.

Congratulations, you got my attention, poor man. ‘ On the question of another user, Mandira wrote,

‘A more civilized citizen who calls himself Rajesh Tripathi and sure it is not his real name, because such people are the biggest cowards who hide their identity from others.

Sounds bad about it. ‘ Let me tell you that Tara was adopted by Mandira Bedi in July 2020 but she announced this in October.

At that time, he shared a family photo stating that Tara is now a part of his family.

Mandira married Raj Kaushal in 1999 and their first child, son Veer, was born after 12 years of marriage.

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