International Dance day 2021

International Dance day 2021: Know its history and importance

International Dance day 2021

International Dance Day is celebrated as an opportunity to spread the importance of dance to people all over the world.

This time due to covid-19, it will be celebrated online. The day of April 29 is of great importance to the world of dance (Dnace) every year. International Dance Day is celebrated on this day.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to increase the appreciation for dance education and participation in its events. This day is celebrated like a celebration all over the world.

This time the epidemic of Covid-19 (Covid-19) has had its effect on the way of celebrating it but not on the enthusiasm. Who chose this day

In 1982, the International Theater Institute (ITI) decided to celebrate International Dance Day. ITI was an associate of UNESCO performing Arts. With the formation of ITI, famous dancers and choreographers of the world went on to join it.

Every time a dancer or choreographer connects with the message that is given in it, but in the life of the world. On 29 April itself,

why ITI chose to celebrate Jeanne Georges Nouvere, the creator of modern ballet, on April 29, International Ethics Day. April 29th is his birthday.

This day is celebrated to encourage the art of dance to go beyond the cultural, political and geographical boundaries in the world and to connect dance as a common language.

Messages are sent around the world

Every year, the International Dance Committee of ITI and the Executive Council of ITI select the best choreographer or dancer to send the message around the world.

The committee and council do the selection of the author of the message. After this the message is translated into all the languages ​​of the world and it is broadcasted all over the world.

What is the effect of covid-19 this time?

This year, covid-19 is also having an impact International Dance Day. People in the world cannot go from one country to another,

so it has been decided to celebrate this day only on a virtual platform. But its enthusiasm has not decreased due to the corona epidemic. World Book Day 2021: Know some special things and what is the story of its date, the theme of this time

This time, International Dance Day will start online from 2 pm to 6 pm, depending on the campus time. This time the theme is “Purpose of Dance”.

It will mainly include a video of a dance performance, which will have dance performances of the ITI Center and other members. In this, those who released the messages of the previous year have been invited to share their views this time too.

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