India Bandh

India Bandh Live Panipat: Unchahar Express Train Stopped at Kurukshetra Railway Station

India Bandh

Panipat, JNN. On Friday, on the call of the United Kisan Morcha, the farmers’ organizations have declared a India Bandh.

In support of the farmers’ organizations, today India close (India Bandh), the Haryana Pradesh Vyapar Mandal has decided to close the market.

At the same time, the agents in the grain markets are also on strike. Seeing the call of Bharat Bandh, Roadways has also decided not to run buses on Friday.

At the same time, from the morning the farmer leaders reached to jam the highway.

The wheels of the Unchahar Express train, which reached the railway station Kurukshetra at 6:40 am, came to a halt at the call of farmers’ Bharat Bandh.

Please tell that at the Saha Halt station, which falls between the railway station Mohari to Ambala, the farmers were seated at 6:15 am.

Due to which the Uchahar Express train had to be stopped at Kurukshetra railway station. About 550 passengers are present on the train.

GRP police station in-charge Joginder Singh said that the police force is deployed in view of the security of the railway station.

The condition of the railway station is Peaceful. The train has stopped at the railway station Kurukshetra since 6:40 am.

Food is being arranged for all the passengers from the railway station Kurukshetra. No passenger will be allowed to suffer at Kurukshetra railway station.

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India Bandh, National Highway jammed in Kaithal

Bharat band

Farmers blocked the Ambala Hisar road on Titram mode. Farmers are staging a sit-in jam and dharna at around 20 places in the district on Friday.

There was an announcement to block the jam from 9 o’clock in the morning, but the farmers blocked the roads from 7 o’clock.

Announcement of jam from 22 to 25 places in Kaithal

In protest against the three agrarian laws on the call for Bharat bandh, 22 to 25 places including Titaram Mode will be jammed by members of the United Front from 9 am to 5 pm.

Hoshiar Gill and Sunil, members of the United Front, said that the farmers, jobbers, laborers, and workers are struggling with all the three laws, but they are not being heard.

Members of the United Front are sitting around Delhi. He said that till the three laws are withdrawn, the performance of the farmers will continue.

Sandeep Bhal says that many villages including Guhla-Cheeka, Rajound, Pai, Sivan, Pundri, Dhand, Kaul will be jammed.

Railway alert in Ambala

The GRP and RPF have issued an alert regarding the Bharat Bandh by farmers. Farmers should not be allowed to enter the railway premises.

Already, the jawans have been alerted. Around 80 personnel have been deployed at various railway stations of the Ambala Division.

GRP SHO Vilayati Ram says that troops have been deployed at all stations including Ambala Cantonment.

So that farmers can be prevented from coming to the railway premises.

10 routes diverted in Kurukshetra

Police have issued a road map to keep the traffic smooth, on the call of the India Bandh of farmer organizations.

Superintendent of Police Himanshu Garg has appealed to the people to walk on the road map itself.

The police have diverted the ten main routes in the event of a blockade. Can leave here.

1. Toll Plaza Village Police Station Gujran located on Pihowa-Kaithal Road: All vehicles to go to Kaithal and beyond can go via Pihowa bypass via Dhand, Pudri, and Kaithal.

2. Karah Saheb Bus Terminal on Pihova-Chika Road: To go from Pihova to Bhagal, Chika, and beyond, drivers can go via Pihova bypass via Gumthala, Sonsar Ch Bhagal Chika via.

3. Toll Plaza Tukor on Pihowa-Patiala Road: Drivers can go via Ismailabad and Kumhar Majra via Patiala and beyond.

4. Opposite Mannat Palace on Pihwa-Kurukshetra Road: To go from Kurukshetra to Pihova and beyond, one can go via Dhand Road via Mirzapur, Kamoda, Pindarsi and Dhand.

5. Drain Mode Village Morthali Pihova: Vehicles coming to the city of Pihova can pass through Jurassi.

6. Lohar Majra Chowk Pihowa Road: All vehicles coming from Pihowa can pass from Lohar Majra towards Kaithal Road.

7. Ladwa-Yamunanagar Marg Basnal Hospital: To go from Kurukshetra, Ladwa to Radaur-Yamunanagar and beyond, the driver can go through Ladwa, Saraswati Nagar (Mustafabad) and other rural routes.


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