Why Sage X3 is ideal as a pharmaceutical ERP

This kind of material transparency is especially vital for quality control efforts and recall purposes. You can track when a batch was completed, which will in turn allow you to manage shelf life and expiration tracking. Sage X3, the best Pharma ERP software, streamlines supply chain management for pharmaceutical companies, improving inventory levels, lead times, and overall efficiency. It manages procurement, production, and distribution processes, providing timely access to raw materials while meeting regulations and reducing waste.

  • All the drugs manufacturers must pass through stringent regulations of quality testing for the compliance laid by the Governments Drug Administration.
  • Instances of adulterated products or situations which may lead to adulteration must also be preserved.
  • As the industry continues to transform, companies can benefit from incorporating all business processes into one software solution through Sage X3’s scalable, flexible, and cost-effective features.
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Payroll, formerly Sage One, is also a part of the wider Sage Business Cloud brand but aimed at smaller enterprises.
  • Be sure that the system helps you remain in compliance with the many other requirements set by the various regulatory agencies you undoubtedly report to.
  • The marketing department can run promotional campaigns and monitor vital statistics in real-time.

Sage X3 is an enterprise resource planning product developed by Sage Group aimed at established businesses.[2] The product was formerly known as Sage ERP X3 and is available in many of the territories that Sage operate. Regulations are there to ensure the safe and controlled running of the industry, but can often end up becoming a daunting task for mid-sized enterprises. Sage recently implemented an X3 solution at Shire devops team structure Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s fastest-growing pharma companies that specializes in solutions for behavioral health, gastrointestinal illnesses, regenerative medicine and rare diseases. The team enabled structured scoping, identification and provision of training needs and adherence to a manageable critical path. This ensured that the project was delivered on time, on budget and with zero downtime to the business.

Working At Sage

Most often, these challenges originate from systems, processes and workflows that contribute to ineffective inventory management controls. The two areas we focus on for immediate improvement are inventory replenishment and manual processes. The limited domestic capacity of Australia makes it to be at the end of a long and complex supply chain operations for the majority of its medical supplies and equipment’s.

Sage ERP X3 also helps your company comply by providing a convenient and efficient way to gather and monitor relevant process information and eliminating manual procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Explore the possibility to hire a dedicated R&D team that helps your company to scale product development. To answer those key questions, let’s take a look at some of the pharmaceutical ERP requirements.

*Pending scheduling by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

From procurement to warehousing, production, sales, customer service, and financial management, Sage X3 introduces better ways to manage your entire business, on a global scale. With the Sage X3 ERP for pharma industry offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamlines the entire process for achieving and maintaining compliance with the various regulations. Raw Material PurchaseSage X3 procurement software can automate the raw material purchasing process. Once a Purchase Order (PO) is created in the ERP software, it can move across multiple approval levels. The approved PO is forwarded to the vendor as soon as the user approves the PO through signature management in Sage X3. This information will help ensure continued commitment to compliance in all relevant products as well as allow root cause of noncompliance to be identified much more easily.

sage x3 for pharmaceutical

Manufacturing delays are costly, as they result in lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and wastage due to expiring products. With the MRP functionality available within many pharmaceutical systems, you will be able to set a production schedule in advance. At Greytrix Australia being Development Partners for Sage, we address complexities of pharmaceutical industries with aforesaid features. A module specifically designed to manage quality control activities will give you all the tools you need to ensure you’re delivering the same quality product each time. Workflow management functionalities provide checkpoint tracking in your manufacturing process to identify when samples should be taken for quality control tests.

What are the Major Challenges in Pharmaceutical Industry?

Sage X3’s powerful regulatory compliance suite consists of features that will allow you to monitor the new and updated government guidelines and stick to them. General Material PurchaseDepartment users can raise a material requisition request for the required raw material to the storekeeper. Consequently, the storekeeper will check if the material is available in the warehouse using Sage X3’s inquiry screen. Sage X3 is a powerful solution for pharma companies looking to be compliant, accurate and efficient. At NexTec, we help pharma companies identify ERP needs, select the right solution and optimize the product.

sage x3 for pharmaceutical

CGMPs impose quality assurance requirements on manufacturers of drug products and mandate the adoption of production and process control systems within pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. These practices apply across the pharmaceutical industry for virtually every product (with some variation for special circumstances) and are intended to prevent adulterated drugs from reaching distribution to consumers. Sage X3 pharmaceutical manufacturing software has many features like Drug license expiry date, Drug license number, and credit control that allows checking these statutory records conveniently. It can put an order on hold if the earlier records don’t match the required sales order. Managing inventory is the major aspect of ERP software because finished products in pharmaceutical industries come up with an expiration date. The drugs are delivered on first come first out so that they reach the end consumers before the expiry date.


They also need to track the movement of goods — raw materials from the vendor to the inventory of pharmaceutical company and finished products from the warehouse to the end-user. Sage X3 order management software is sophisticated enough to handle higher order volumes, order processing complexity, inventory challenges, and pricing structures. Effectively manage the fluctuation of procurement, production and shipping while staying on top of compliance requirements.

This can be achieved by deploying the X3 Pharmaceutical Preparation bundle’s traceability features to provide comprehensive audit trails for products. Utilizing this bundled solution’s data tracing functionality allows you to deliver the full history of an end product to its original processing batch. The FD&C Act dictates that measurement information (dosage, etc.) be included on all drug package labeling or that product will be ruled misbranded.

Recipe Management, Tracking, Control, and Security

Choosing the right cost effective pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is necessary for any organization that wants to improve visibility, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. While organizations initiate ERP projects for a variety of reasons, a substantial return on investment (ROI) is a motivation for most, if not all, organizations. Optimize inventory management, quality control, and compliance issues using a single software. The Sage X3 Pharmaceutical Preparation bundled solution captures and delivers the data necessary to maintaining compliance with FDA regulations for drug manufacturing. Applying X3’s extensive functionality allows you to trace all production processes as well as the lifecycles of all product batches created. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to apply some form of traceability to drug products on the lot level by November 2018 or risk being ruled noncompliant.

sage x3 for pharmaceutical

This means you can internally track sample requests as they’re processed and shipped to customers. The system offers a visual finite scheduling tool that can be used manually, or you can choose to let the system put together the best schedule. The production of any pharmaceutical begins with formula creation, and tracking these formulas is vital. Also, with the need to constantly improve your products, you’ll require the ability to revise these formulas; a formula tracking system offers both functionalities.

Why Sage X3 is ideal as a pharmaceutical ERP

There will be more precise requirements in the future for individual package tracking to be adopted gradually. Pharmaceutical preparation contract manufacturers must have a written quality agreement with the agency that has outsourced production to them that defines roles and responsibilities clearly. The contractor’s process controls may come under the purview of the owner’s CGMP protocols or may be able to designate their own quality control unit. In either case, the practices used in producing the end products must follow the guidelines established in CGMP for drugs or they will be labeled adulterated. Sage X3 Pharmaceutical Preparation can apply both internal quality controls or outside procedures programmed into the solution. Producing consistent, high-quality pharmaceuticals that comply with regulations is another critical success factor for manufacturing companies in this industry.

Sage 300 Integrations

ERP in pharmaceutical industry is a term used to describe sophisticated software systems created to connect and streamline numerous business activities within pharmaceutical firms. It makes it possible to handle quality assurance, inventories, finances, sales, and research and development effectively. ERP Software for pharmaceutical industry helps connect, integrate, and control each department in the chemical company while also automating all pharma manufacturing functions like inventory, planning, etc.

Smart manufacturing means automation of processes which readily improves discrete, individual subprocesses. Manufacturing of drugs involve complex individual sub-processes which are difficult to optimize in the absence of an ERP. Sage X3, the best ERP software in Dubai, supports multi-site and multi-national operations, multiple currencies, and languages. Governments globally are constitutionalizing strict regulations and are penalizing companies that don’t adhere to such laws.

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