In Instagram Live with Rahul Vaidya, the user asked Disha Parmar this question

New Delhi Singer has been in constant discussion ever since Rahul Vaidya appeared in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Rahul could not win this show and came out as the runner-up, but the singer definitely won the hearts of the people. Rahul was well liked on the show and his Rubina Dilac was seen as a thorn in the fight, but the game was beaten by Rubina and Rahul Vaidya missed out on becoming the winner. But Rahul, who has won the hearts of the people, is still very much liked even after losing the show. So now wherever he goes, the camera goes after him.

Apart from this, Rahul is also very active on social media. Photos of him and his girlfriend Disha Parmar are often viral on social media. Meanwhile, recently, Rahul suddenly went live on Instagram with his fans at midnight and Disha was with him during this time. During the live, Rahul’s fan posed a strange question about the direction which the actress did not like at all, although Rahul responded to that user’s question with a lot of love.

Actually, during Rahul’s live, a fan asked, ‘Does Disha not go to her house?’ After reading this question, first the direction got laughed, but later they felt bad and in anger they called it ‘Meen’. Rahul responded affectionately to the user ‘No direction goes home’. But Disha angrily said, ‘How Mean’. After this, a user asked Disha about Bigg Boss whether she will be seen in the next season of Bigg Boss? In response to which the actress categorically denied that ‘no’ she will not go to the Big Boss. Let me tell you that Rahul proposed Disha in Bigg Boss on National Television.

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