If you forgot these 5 films of Akshay Kumar’s 90s, see how the players became in lock-down

New Delhi Akshay Kumar is one of the most successful superstars of Bollywood right now. Akshay started his career in the early nineties and has since taken a long journey. During this, Akshay has given more than one hit films. The success is that all the four films of Akshay in 2019 were hits. Two had earned more than 200 crores. However, Akshay had to go through many failures to reach here. There was a period when many films flopped back to back Akshay.

2000 years was very important in Akshay’s career.¬†The success of rigging released this year gave a new direction to Akshay’s career.¬†His acting skills also gave a new dimension.¬†This film completely changed his identity as an action actor.¬†Fudge was directed by Priyadarshan.¬†His trio with Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal gave a great dose of comedy in the film.¬†This film is included in the Evergreen films of Hindi cinema.¬†The release of Fudge completed 20 years on 31 March 2020.¬†

Currently we will tell you about 5 films of Akshay which came in the 90s, which you can see on the streaming platform Prime.¬†Some of these films have been memorable films of Akshay’s career

Dancer – 1991 – is the second film of Akshay’s career. In this, Kirti Singh was the leading lady of Akshay.

Players 1992 it became the fourth and first major Skkes renewable career. This suspense thriller gave Akshay Kumar the title of the player and placed him in the ranks of the rising star of the nineties.

Suhag – 1994 – Akshay Parallel was in the lead role with Ajay Devgan in this film. Karisma Kapoor and Nagma played female lead roles.

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