If Iraq insists on taking the US out, it will be ruined

If Iraq insists on taking the US out, it will be ruined

If Iraq insists on taking the US out, it will be ruined
Iraq has been severely crushed amidst US and Iran tensions. Currently, he can neither confuse Iran nor force the US out.

New Delhi. After the death of Iranian top commander Qasim Sulemani, Iraq, which has been told to leave the American army, now seems to be regretting the mistake that he made in 2014. Let us tell you that this year Iraq has ended the dominating Daish The American army was handed over its land for Iraq has started to fear that Kasim’s death may be overshadowed by him somewhere.

The second thing is that somewhere, he is not in a position to do two or two hands from Iran under any circumstances. For this, neither his economic condition testifies nor his army is so large and powerful that it can compete with Iran. One of its truths is that by entangling himself in a war with Iran, he will ax his own leg. He has seen its results in the Gulf War quite closely.

Economy deteriorating after the Gulf War

The political situation in the country has steadily deteriorated since the Gulf War and the removal of Saddam Hussein from power. Apart from political instability, the people of this place have also started to take to the streets against the government. After the death of Saddam, a terrorist organization like IS in Iraq spread its feet. The United States seems directly responsible for the situation in Iraq. Public outrage also indicates somewhere in this direction. For this reason, Iraq had asked all the foreign troops, including the American army, to leave their land and leave. But it was here that his stakes became helpless against the American threat.

Iraq will be heavy to pull out the US

Actually, after this statement of Iraqi PM, America made it clear that if they made any such attempt, it would be very heavy on them. The US has made it clear that in the form of threatening Iraq, access to the Federal Reserve Bank account in New York will be denied. This has been given by the office of Iraqi PM Adil Abdul Mahdi himself, quoting the news of Wall Street General. Currently, despite sanctions on Iran, the US has allowed Iraq to take gas from Iran for fuel generators. Its deadline is ending in February. Iraq’s refusal to extend this time limit in the event of the US being taken out of the country. If that happens, it will open the way to Iraq’s plight, which will not be good for him.

Iraqi cause for concern

Iraq’s concern about the Federal Reserve of New York is also because many countries, including Iraq, accumulate the income from oil in an account opened here. It is used by the government to spend in other items, including the payment of salaries of workers. However, it is not yet known how much Iraqi money is deposited in this bank.

If Iraq insists on taking the US out, it will be ruined

Trillion dollars can be deposited

However, the bank has definitely said that at the end of the year 2018, eight billion dollars were deposited in the bank account in a single night. This is the reason that Iraq has become helpless in the face of American threat. At the same time, in the name of taking out the American army, not only the government but also the industrialists are seen to be soft. They feel that it is good to retain friendships with America at present. Despite this, if Iraq takes a decision against the interests of the US, it will be difficult for the government to respond to the negative impact it may have.

Iraq can be ruined

Abd-al-Hasanen-al-Hanen, chairman of the Iraqi investment bank Rabi Security, said the Federal Reserve has a major contribution to the Iraqi economy. They say that if the US takes this decision, Iraq will lose everything. In 2015, too, the US Federal Reserve banned Iraqi access. Let us tell you that the Federal Reserve has the right to stop the withdrawal of money in the case of ban on a country or in the case of use of money in any other item or in violation of US regulations in this regard. And may restrict the access of that country to that amount.

American plans and trump threats

Contrary to this threat, it has also been said from the US that an official party will talk to the government regarding preparing a plan for the withdrawal of the US Army. However, the US President is very upset with the proposal passed in the Iraqi Parliament. He says that the US has spent millions of dollars to build airbases in Iraq. He has even said that in his own tenure, without paying this price, American troops will not return from Iraq. If this had to be done then such restrictions would be imposed that which have not been imposed on anyone before.

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