Hina Khan returned to Mumbai from Kashmir on hearing the news of her father’s death

New Delhi In this Corona era, another mountain of sorrows has broken at the house of Hina Khan. Hina Khan’s father has passed away on Tuesday. Hina’s father has died due to cardiac arrest in Mumbai. The actress has returned from Kashmir to Mumbai on hearing the news of her father’s death. Hina went to Kashmir in connection with her work, but immediately came to Mumbai as soon as she came to know about her father’s demise.

Hina was spotted at Mumbai Airport on Tuesday night. During this time, the actress was wearing a jump suit of blue and white color, with which she carried a denim jacket. Hina was cautious in view of the corona virus. The actress put a mask on her face and glasses on her eyes. Many photos and videos of the actress have also emerged from the airport, in which she is seen sitting quietly in her car.

Hina Khan used to share very good bonding with her father. She often shared many pictures and videos with her father. Suddenly, Hina Khan will be in shock at this time due to the sudden death of her father.

Hina’s father used to support her a lot, while talking to ETTimes, the actress told, ‘I don’t know how many people know this thing, but when I came to Mumbai, only my father knew about it. I had just told my father about this that I had been in Mumbai, no one else knew. My mother and the rest of the family thought that I was Delhi. Whatever decision I have taken in my life, my father has always been my partner in crime. I will also talk to my father about whatever I am doing or doing in my life. I have always been Papa’s princess. In fact, even in Big Boss, it was written on my bed, ‘Papa’s daughter’

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