Facebook shutdown

Facebook shutdown, gave a statement on the news of social media shutdown, said – the provisions of the new IT rules will be followed.

Facebook shutdown

A big statement has been made by Facebook shutdown, amidst the social media platform being closed.

Facebook has said that it will abide by the provisions of the IT rules. Also, talks are underway with the government of Facebook shutdown on some issues.

On behalf of Facebook, it has been said that our goal is to follow the provisions of the IT rules.

Also working towards implementing it. Center released new guideline 3 months ago The central government released a new guideline for the social media platform

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In February this year, three months from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITy)

at the time to implement the new IT rule to the social media platform. was given.

Whose many users According to official figures,

there are 53 crore WhatsApp in India, 44.8 crore of Youtube and 41 crore users of Facebook.

Similarly, Instagram has 21 crore clients, which are 1.75 crore Twitter account holders. At the same time, Koo app has more than 6 million users.

What is the new guideline The social media platform will have to deploy Nodal Officer,

Resident Greaves Officer in India, which will be based in India.

This officer will have to redress the complaints received against the OTT content within 15 days.

Under the new guidelines, social media platforms will have to issue a monthly report,

which will contain information about complaints and their redressal.

Also, which posts and content were removed and what was the reason for this. This will have to be explained in detail.

All social media platforms should have a physical address in India,

which should be registered on the company’s mobile app and website.

According to the new guidelines, objectionable content will have to be removed from the internet media within 24 hours of the complaint.

Apart from this, companies have to have a grievance redressal mechanism and also have an officer handling complaints.

Complaint will be registered in 24 hours and will be resolved in 15 days Bluetooth Wireless speakers under 1000

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