Dragon's pole open with CoronaVirus, China is world's largest consumer of wild animals

Dragon’s pole open with CoronaVirus, China is world’s largest consumer of wild animals

Dragon's pole open with CoronaVirus, China is world's largest consumer of wild animals
The coronavirus has once again exposed the wild business of wild animals in China to the world.

The illegal trade in the world’s wild animals is flourishing in China. China is the world’s largest consumer of wild animals. Once again due to Coronavirus, this market of wild animals is in the headlines. Recently there were reports that the virus spread to humans due to an animal. According to the World Health Organization, the primary sources of this virus maybe bats. It is also being said that this virus must have passed into another animal before it came into humans, which has not been identified so far. Let’s know the truth of illegal trade in wild animals in China. Also, which animals are being lost in this illegal business.

An immediate ban on wildlife business

Yes, the coronavirus has once again exposed the wild business of wild animals in China to the world. Wildlife conservation institutions have also issued warnings about this many times. It has also been condemned at the international level. At that time this criticism was because many species of animals have reached the verge of extinction due to illegal trade. Following the spread of the coronavirus, the Chinese government has imposed an immediate ban on the business of wildlife to prevent the spread of the virus. But China has taken this step late. is. Organizations working for wildlife conservation are trying to use this opportunity to completely stop this trade.

A recent analysis has revealed that 20 percent of the total 32,000 species of on-the-ground bony animals are being legally and illegally bought and sold in the international market. More than 5,500 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians continue to be traded.

The shocking report of the World Health Organization

The organization says that the primary source of this virus maybe bats. There are many restaurants in China where people eat bat soup, ie bat soup. Dishes such as roasted cobra, bear’s claw, tiger bones, bean liquor are available inexpensive restaurants. While bats are also found in these soup bowls. It is also being claimed that the virus may have gone to another wild animal before it could pass into humans. However, it has not been identified yet. Let me tell you that in China the meat of some animals is eaten due to their taste. But some animals are used here for traditional medicines. This business is also flourishing in China.

Crisis of extinction from illegal trade in animals

The demand for the armor of pangolin animals is high in China. Due to this, these animals have almost disappeared in China. Due to increasing demand in China, it has also become the most hunted animal in other parts of the world. Rhinoceros horn is in high demand in Chinese medicine. The rhinoceros has become a threatened animal. All this is happening in China when the government knows that 70 percent of new viruses have come from wild animals.

Tiger hunting is happening in China

China is second in tiger hunting. Pauline Verheyes, associated with Traffic International, a UK-based organization, says at least 100 tigers are caught each year. From this, you can only guess how many tigers are being killed every year. Of the 13 countries in which tigers live, limbs of 1069 to 1220 tigers were caught between January 2000 and April 2000 from 11 countries. Called the tiger’s home, the largest number of organ traffickers has been caught in India.

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