Dr. Monica Langeh

Dr. Monica Langeh shared vedio, Love You Zindagi viral video girl dies, Sonu Sood breaks down over ‘lives lost’

Dr. Monica Langeh

Dr. Monica Langeh tweeted Love you life ravaged by a girl who lost her life

Dr. Monica Langeh posted in a hospital in Delhi Had tweeted a video on Saturday 8 May in which a 30-year-old girl was seen swinging on the song ‘Love You Zindagi’ even though she was on NIV support.

The second wave of the New Delhi Corona virus has caused havoc across the country. Due to this devastation, there is increasing atmosphere of despair among the people. However, even in this frustrating environment,

many such stories and experiences of people are found, which fills enthusiasm and courage in others. Something similar was done by a 30-year-old girl hospitalized in Delhi, she won over despair, but regrettably lost to death.

The ‘Dabangg’ actor took to Twitter to mourn her death and wrote, “So so sad, never ever she would have imagined that she won’t be able to see her family again.

Life is so unfair. So many lives which deserved to live are lost. No matter how normal our life becomes but we will never be able to come out of this phase.”

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Dr. Monica Langeh wrote on her Twitter, ‘I am very sad … we lost this Brave Soul. Please pray for the family and children to bear the loss. ‘

Dr. Monica Langeh had shared the video of vivacity while sharing the video
on May 8, Dr. Monica wrote, ‘This girl is only 30 years old.

The condition was serious, but if ICU was not available, we started treatment in Kovid Emergency itself. It has been undergoing treatment for the last 10 days. NIV is on support, remodevir has been given, plasma therapy has also been done.

The girl’s will is extremely strong. Today I requested to play a song which I agreed to. ‘ Although on 10 May, Dr. Monica had tweeted that the girl has got an ICU bed, but her condition is not stable. Please pray for this brave girl.

People were made to cry, this vivacious girl,

Dr. Monica Langeh, at 9.30 pm on the night of May 13, when the sad news of the death of this brave girl, the eyes of the people became moist.

In the comment box of Dr. Monica Langeh’s tweet, people expressed their grief and prayed that the soul of this brave girl be rested. Some people said that at times, expectations from the uplifters are also broken.

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