coronavirus tobacco world no tobacco day 3

Coronavirus Tobacco: 50 percent more risk of corona among tobacco users, know what else doctors say World No Tobacco Day 2021

coronavirus tobacco world no tobacco day 3

On World Tobacco Prohibition Day, Doctors said that (Coronavirus Tobacco) corona among tobacco users by 50 percent

The Risk of Coronavirus Tobacco users for a person who consumes tobacco during the corona infection period.

Quitting smoking in such a situation is good, tobacco consumption also increases the risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

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The major reason for tobacco users being more lethal is that their body is not able to resist the attack of the virus.

He informed that World Tobacco Prohibition Day is observed every year on 31 May. Its aim is to protect people from the deadly diseases caused by the consumption of tobacco and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Coroavirus Tobacco

The theme of World Tobacco Day this year is quite appropriate keeping in mind the ‘committed to quit tobacco’ epidemic. Tobacco consumption not only destroys the lining of your lungs, but also makes it more susceptible to infection.

Also inhibits your body’s immune response during an infection. Every puff of cigarette smoke brings more than seven thousand times the chemicals into your lungs.

Now imagine what would happen in the event of a covid-19 infection. They reported that smokeless tobacco, which is used by gutkha, paan, khaini and other methods, causes frequent spitting due to excessive saliva secretion while chewing in the mouth.

Spitting in this way increases the risk of the corona virus spreading nearby. In this case, frequent touching of the mouth and hands from the smoker also increases the risk of spreading the corona.

Quitting tobacco improves blood flow to your skin. Which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the area. What to do to quit tobacco, when someone decides to quit tobacco consumption, first of all you should prepare yourself for this and stick to it that you have water to get rid of tobacco.

In this case, your strong will will be helpful to you. The stronger the will, the easier it is to reach the goal. Do not change your decision and stick to it firmly.

Said that you may think that there is no point in quitting now, because the lungs of the tobacco user have already been permanently damaged, but this is not true.

Quitting at any time shows immediate results for smokers, including improved circulation and an extended life.

world no tobacco day slogans2

Try every level to avoid smoking. For example, if you have a habit of smoking while reading a newspaper, you can instead make a habit of holding a pen in your hand.

To avoid this, try to keep yourself busy all the time and slowly try to get rid of this habit.

said that the desire to smoke is intensified when under stress, in such a situation when you are under stress, it is natural to take deep breaths, meditate, listen to calming music or close your eyes for a while Try to keep calm techniques.

Keeping busy is very important to avoid tobacco addiction. So start your day in a way that starts with breakfast, workout, meditation and then work.

Apart from this, keep yourself busy in your favorite works like reading, gardening, etc., so that the desire to consume tobacco can be avoided.

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