Coronavirus Lockdown: Twinkle Khanna seen sticking slippers and glasses, video goes viral

New Delhi Due to the lockdown caused by the corona virus, people are wandering, shopping etc. and many people are stuck with many tasks which had to be completed. People are also facing problems due to the lockdown and Bollywood celebs are not far behind in this. In such a situation, Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna has shared a video, in which she is seen fixing glasses and broken slippers. It has become clear that in lockdown the stars are also facing problems like middle class.

Yes, you may feel strange to hear, but it is true that due to the lockdown Twinkle Khanna has to wear her glasses and slippers by sticking them. In the video shared by Twinkle Khanna, it is seen that Twinkle Khanna is pasting glasses and slippers, while the voice of the actress is coming in it. Showing her broken back, the actress is saying that she too is facing middle-class problems, because glasses and slippers have to be affixed.

Twinkle Khanna is staring at her plaster-legged camera, saying that she has to stick her sandal, which she has worn a lot with this other leg.¬†He said, now we are trying to stick it and it is not working.¬†During this, Twinkle is laughing a lot and in the video, Akshay Kumar’s laugh is also coming from behind.

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