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Bigg Boss 13 Abu Malik Reveal What Was Family Reaction Over His Eviction

Music composer Abu Malik has been eliminated from Bigg Boss 13. Abu Malik, who is evicted from Bigg Boss, is the third contestant this season.

Music composer Abu Malik has been eliminated from Bigg Boss 13 . Abu Malik, who is evicted from Bigg Boss, is the third contestant this season. Daljit Kaur and Koyna Mitra had to leave the show before Abu Malik. However, Abu Malik is sad when the show leaves so soon. But he is happy that he has played his game well.

How was Abu Malik’s family reaction?

In an interview given to Spotboye after leaving the house, Abu Malik has talked about his aviction. Talking about how his family reacted when he got out of Bigg Boss so soon, Abu said, ‘I knew that he would be quite shocked by the news of leaving my house. But I also knew that this time I will leave the house.

Abu further said, ‘When I came out of Bigg Boss house, those people said, you have fought very well. If you have become active then it is fine. He believes that young people are more focused on the show and in view of that, they have planned this.

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What does Abu Malik think about Bigg Boss?

Talking about the show, Abu Malik said, ‘I had never seen this show before.¬†I had no idea that this show has to sing, dance, shout, quarrel.¬†So I told myself that I will spend a good time with these people.¬†I did what I thought.

When people used to fight in the house, I used to listen in peace and I would not come in the middle because I thought that maybe the makers wanted it. But yes, when things started to deteriorate excessively and I used to think that those people could raise their hands on each other, I used to try to stop them. ‘

Will Abu Malik re-enter Bigg Boss?

On entering Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant, Abu said that he had no objection to re-entry in the house. But he is sure that the makers will not select him for the wild card.

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