Thailand King punishes infidel to royal ally

Thailand: King punishes ‘infidel’ to royal ally

An official announcement was made in which it was stated that Sininat Wong Wachirapak was ‘ambitious’ and tried to promote himself ‘on par with the rank of the queen’.

The statement said that ‘the behavior of the emperor’s ally was considered abusive’.

He was appointed in July. Just two months before this, the king of Thailand married Queen Suthida. Suthida is his fourth wife.

Rani Sutida is 41 years old. She has been the deputy head of the bodyguard unit of King Maha Wachirlongkon of Thailand. She has also been a flight attendant and has been seen with Raja in public places for years.

Who is Sininat?

Sininat has been a Major General. She is a trained pilot and nurse. She has also been a bodyguard. She was the first person to achieve the designation of ‘Royal Noble Consort’ during the last nearly a century.

The announcement related to the withdrawal of Sininat’s designation was published in the Gazette on Monday. She was close to the king for a long time.

Even after the king’s marriage to Sutida, Sininat was a regular guest of royal programs.

What did the palace say?

In a statement published on Monday in the Gazette, it was informed that before the coronation in May, Sininat ‘showed resistance and pressured to stop the appointment of the queen’.

The statement further informs, “The king had given him the royal post in the hope that some pressure could be reduced on him as well as it was expected to solve the problem affecting the monarchy.”

In this statement, Sininat has also been accused of ‘showing opposition against the king and queen and misusing his powers to give orders to the king’.

The statement said that Raja got information that ‘she was neither thankful for the designation she got for herself nor her behavior was according to her status’.

The king has ordered the withdrawal of all his royal designations, honors, his status in the Royal Guard and his rank in the army.

King Maha Wachirlongkon’s father died in the year 2016. He has been on the throne since then.

King’s wives of Thailand

King of Thailand Maha Wachiralongkon has done four weddings. His four wives are Rajkumari Tomswali (1977 to 1993), Yuvadhida (1994 to 1996), Serat (2001 to 2014) and Rani Sumida.

The exact reason for the removal of Sininat may never be made public. The reason for this is that things related to the palace in Thailand are kept in the veils of mystery. According to Thailand’s law, any insult of the emperor is prohibited. In this case, the law of Thailand is counted among the most stringent laws in the world.

The case of the removal of Sininat matches the two former wives of the king. In 1996, he accused his second wife and refused to adopt his four sons. Raja’s second wife had fled to America.

Similarly, in 2014, he had withdrawn the designation of his third wife.

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