Bhumi Pednekar also decided to become a vegetarian, explained the reason

New Delhi There are many celebs in the Bollywood world who have decided to leave non-food and become vegetarian. In this, many celebs have decided to live life by becoming vegan. Now the name of another actress has been added to this list, who has decided to become a Vegetarian, whose name is Bhumi Pednekar.

Actress Bhoomi, who made a special place in Bollywood because of her acting, has taken this decision when she is working on climate change. At the same time, he has given credit to the journey of working for the environment as well, because only after that he felt it more appropriate to become a vegetarian.

Actually, the actress has been working for a long time on environmental protection and spreading awareness about the environment. The actress plants vegetables at home in her kitchen garden. Regarding his decision to become a vegetarian, Bhumi says, ‘For many years, I wanted to become a vegetarian. Breaking any habit is the most difficult thing to do. It was my journey with the Climate Warrior, who taught me many things and I no longer feel like eating meat. ‘

He also said, ‘I was never dependent on non-vegetarian food, but I thought during lockdown that I would give up meat. It was really something that happened in such a good way. It’s been six months now and I feel good and I feel physically stronger and healthier than I wanted to. ‘ 

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