As soon as the second season of The Family Man was released, the secret of the story of the third season was revealed, the strings related to China …

New Delhi, Jnn. The second season of The Family Man has been streamed on Amazon Prime Video a few hours ahead of schedule on the night of June 3. After the first season, there was a lot of curiosity among the fans about the second season.

Especially at the point where the first season ended, there was a lot of anticipation. In the first season there was no hint about the second season, but at the end of the second season, the makers have indicated the story of the third season. The next season of The Family Man could be based on uncovering the conspiracy of Bio War in India. 

A Chinese man is shown at the end of the last episode, wearing a mask. Location is Kolkata. This person chats with his mentors in Chinese on his laptop. Tells them that the situation in India is very delicate. This is the right time for the mission. After this, the Chinese masters give permission to take the mission forward. The name of Nagaland also comes up in the conversation. After this scene, it is believed that the third season of The Family Man has been planned. Just waiting for its official announcement.

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