After the reprimand of Delhi High Court, now Juhi Chawla shared the video with evidence, told how dangerous 5G radiation is

New Delhi, Jnn. Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla filed a petition in the Delhi High Court some time ago against 5G wireless network technology. In this petition, he had said that what would be the effect of the radiation emitted by it on animals, plants and people, it should be studied. Juhi’s petition was reprimanded and dismissed by the Delhi High Court and imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on the actress. After this, the actress withdrew her petition a few days ago. Although Juhi remained silent on this whole matter till now, but now she has broken the silence.

Juhi has shared a video on her Instagram in which she has explained with evidence why she filed a petition against 5G wireless network technology. The actress also said that we only needed a certificate from the government to tell that this technology will not harm people, children, old people, birds. The actress said, ‘In 2019, we had sent some letters under RTI (Right to Information). We had sought an answer in our letter that what is the effect of the radiation emitted from these networks. After which we got a reply from ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). Then we asked the same question in SERB (Science and Engineering Research Board) and we got the answer from there also. We had the answers to the questions we raised in Delhi.

‘One day in 2010, when we were standing in our balcony, we saw that there are about 14 towers in front of our house, at that time we were aware about them. Then one day we saw a study about radiation in a magazine. I got a little scared after reading this, after that I contacted an agency in Hyderabad about this. He checked the radiation coming from the tower which was high at my house with his meter. He also sent me a report on this in which it was clearly written that these radiations are very harmful. These can have an effect on the ability of a person’s sony, memory, things like headache ‘.

‘After this I met some knowledgeable people, and with the help of my neighbour, I filed an RTI asking direct questions. Then we went to Delhi for this and met Shri Rao Inderjit Singh ji, Chairperson of Parliamentary Standing Committee and talked about it in detail. Then we filed PIL in Bombay High Court, kept getting date on date but nothing happened for many years. In 2019, fed up, we again wrote letters in RTI and asked all this. In 2020 the news of 5G started coming more….if you do not believe me then ask your friends in the telecom department how dangerous is 5G. In this all the limits of radiation will be crossed. There will be no corner of the world where this radiation will not reach. What wrong did we do if we raised our voice against it for the safety of the people?

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