After Anusha, now Karan Kundra broke the silence on the news of the breakup, said- ‘Let us know at first’

New Delhi MTV VJ Anusha Dandekar and actor Karan Kundra are in the news about their breakup these days. A few days ago, Anusha broke the silence on these news through a post on social media, now Karan too has given a reaction to these news. Talking to Bombay Times, Karan said, ‘First thing is that I and Anusha don’t live together. We seldom live together or else we live in our own house. I came to Mumbai from Haryana before the lockdown was announced. I do not want anyone to be at risk in my life, so I decided to stay at home ‘.

‘We are living separately, so people have guessed that we are separated, we have a breakup.¬†Let me tell you that our breakup has not happened, we are still together ‘.¬†Asked why you did not react to these news earlier?¬†Karan said, ‘I do not mind these rumors but Anusha is more emotional than me, she told me about the news of the breakup.¬†Hey brother first let us know that we have a breakup ‘.

What did Anusha write in her post?

‘I am surprised that the whole world is troubled by an epidemic like corona virus. Then you ridicule someone’s personal life. You speak anything about anyone. I hope you have new ways to live life. You are not my friend, but the question arises here, are you friends with anyone? Or just think about themselves. I hope you will find peace. ‘ With this, Anusha wrote about the breakup with her boyfriend Karan Kudran, ‘Everything is fine between me and Karan. Nothing like this has happened in the media.

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