Aarya Review: Sushmita Sen’s web series ‘Arya’ stands just behind the line to become masterpiece

New Delhi, (Rajat Singh). Aarya Review: Sushmita Sen has returned to acting world after almost 17 years. For this, they have chosen Disney Plus Hotstar’s web series ‘Arya’. This is his digital debut. He has made a weighty comeback on screen. Packed in crime and thriller, the series also has a lot of attractive things besides Sushmita Sen, for which you can see the web series. Let’s know …

The web series Doz is an official remake of the web series Ponza.¬†If we find the simple meaning of Ponza, it would be Lady Dawn.¬†The story is also woven around a Lady Dawn.¬†Arya Sarin’s family is involved in the illegal opium and medicines business.¬†Her husband Tej Sareen, brother Sangram and friend Jawahar are the three partners.¬†Sangram and Jawahar want to get into the heroine business by moving beyond opium.¬†However, Tej is not ready for this.¬†Because this business already includes a big criminal named Shekhawat.¬†At the same time, Arya wishes that it does not affect her children and she pressures Tej to come out of business.¬†Tej gets ready for this.¬†But meanwhile his brother Sangram is caught and Tej is shot.¬†Arya starts getting threats from many people.¬†People start asking for money.¬†At the same time, Arya also wants to know who is the killer of her husband?¬†Right there¬†Norcotics Department is also behind him.¬†Arya finally sets off in the swamp to save her children.¬†Does she save her children?¬†Does she discover the murderer of her husband?¬†To find the answers to these questions, you need to watch the web series.

What is special

1. The special thing of this series is the acting of Sushmita Sen. It feels great to see them back on screen. However, his acting is also amazing behind this. She suits her character a lot. He has got much more time than anyone else. His fitness and his life are worth watching. Chandrachud Singh plays Tej’s on-screen husband Tej. They haven’t got much chance. At the same time, Chandrachud appears lightly in front of Sushmita. However, his dalliance reinforces Sushmita’s character even more. Apart from these two, Sikander Kher is also in an important role, but his parts are not much dialogues. At the same time, Varthy, Viren and Prathish Panwar, who play Arya’s on-screen children, have also given a very impressive full performance. The way in which fear and shock landed directly on his face, especially the character of Adi, is ‘Chintu’s birthday’ 

2. The story of the web series is going to be quite interesting to you. The special thing is that the story keeps you tied till the end. Episode by episode thriller remains intact. There is a web series of 9 episodes. Each episode is about 45 minutes. In such a situation, it looks like a proper series. It is not like a two and a half hour film has been broken into five parts. The author has managed to land a foreign web series in the Indian background. You don’t find the story falling on many different levels cumbersome. 

3. Direction is going to impress you a lot. It is not so easy to land a foreign series in Indian entry. However, directors Ram Madhvani, Sandeep Modi and Vinod Rawat have been successful in it. The directors have used the actors well. However, we have not been able to use the story as much better. At the same time, technically you will find the use of the camera right.

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