17-Year-Old Boy Was Riding A Scooter With His Father, Ends Up Paying Police Rs 26000 As A Challan

Keeping in mind the road safety in India, many rules were made in the year 2019 through the new Motor Vehicle Act, which has a provision of punishment ranging from fine to jail. The amount of the fine also increased due to which people not keeping the rules of the road had to pay heavy fines. Let me tell you that the government is adopting a very strict attitude regarding road safety and rules of the road. People have to pay fines while traveling on the road, it is illegal for children under 18 to drive. For this reason, the rule of cutting the challan at the hands of the police is making people expensive, even before many times their parents have been sent to jail for driving under the age of 18 years.

One such incident came to us which showed the strictness of the police regarding the rules, this incident is near Cuttack.¬†During routine checking, the police stopped a motorcycle which also had a pillion rider.¬†When he was stopped and asked for documents of the vehicle, he found that he had neither document nor driver’s age was 17 years.¬†The most important thing in this is that his father was sitting on the pillion rider.¬†Both did not have helmets and this was the reason why their father was fined for driving a motorcycle of 17 years old.¬†

Let me tell you that both father and son were going by car on the road without helmet and without any valid documents, while the police did not pay the necessary papers and fined them 26000 rupees, in which fine of 25000 rupees under 18 years. The young man was charged for giving the vehicle and due to lack of 1000 fine helmet and paper, the police imposed 2 fines on him.

Under section 194D, a fine was imposed on sitting and driving without a helmet and under section 199A for driving a person under 18 years of age. The police also asked the driver for the online fine payment and the police confiscated his car until the amount of the fine was deposited. If that driver has not deposited the amount of his fine, then his bike registration will be canceled and his driving license will also be suspended. It is just a few weeks ago that a minor in the state of Odisha was caught by the police while driving a car and had to pay a fine of 25,000.

Driving a minor on the road is a legal offense, the police can take strict action against it. A few days ago in Hyderabad, police took action that no minor should drive on the road. The police can also send their parents to jail for doing so. At any age, any vehicle can be learned at the triing center and private roads and not on public roads. 

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