Unemployed in lockdown, ‘Hanuman’ of TV had to sell bike to survive, there was no work for one and a half year

New Delhi, Jnn. The entertainment industry is one of the industries that have been hit the hardest due to the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, the TV industry has been affected the most. Due to the closure of the shooting of serials, many actors came on the road. Those who were capable of little, they also had to make compromises to survive. Similar is the story of Hanuman Nirbhay Wadhwa of TV. Nirbhay is known for playing the character of Hanuman in many mythological serials. 

In Maharashtra, the shooting of many serials also remained closed during the second Lak. Some reality shows and serials did go to the nearby states. In a conversation with ETimes, Nirbhay told that he sat at home for about one and a half years, in which all his savings were settled. Nothing was working. Live shows were also not happening. There was some payment pending, that too was not received. Fearless adventure enthusiasts. So he had a super bike. He was forced to sell it. Nirbhay told that the bike was in his hometown Jaipur. So in March he went to Jaipur and sold the bike. However, selling the bike was not easy, as it was a very expensive bike.

Nirbhay told that he had bought this bike for Rs 22 lakh. So it became difficult to find buyers. Eventually, the bike was sold to the company itself for nine and a half lakhs. Many memories of Nirbhay were associated with this bike. Nirbhay is currently seen in the role of Hanuman ji in Vidnaharta Ganesh. 

Let us tell you, Bollywood actor Harshvardhan Rane also sold his bike in this lockdown, but he took this step to get oxygen cylinders to the needy. Harsh had asked him to bid by posting a photo of his bike on social media and sold the bike after getting a reasonable price.

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