Sushant Singh Rajput’s last Instagram story was about Disha Salian, wrote this talk

New Delhi Three months have passed since the death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Whatever has been revealed in these three months is quite shocking. After the drug angle surfaced in this case, this case has now reached a different point. At the same time, the family of fans and actors want to know what was the reason for his death. With the death of Sushant, the death of his X manager Disha Saliana is also once again under question.

Disha died before Sushant died. Where Sushant was found dead at his Mumbai residence on 14 June. On June 8, his X manager Disha Salian was killed by falling from the building. At the same time, a post of Sushant on social media is becoming increasingly viral. This post is said to be the last post for Sushant’s direction. 

Sushant Singh Rajput’s last Instagram story is going viral on social media. This Insta Story is being shared a lot. Sushant’s last Instagram story was associated with Disha Salian. This post has been shared with an Instagram account named @justiceforsushi. It is being said that this post was shared by Sushant after the death of his X manager Disha Salian. Through this post, Sushant has expressed his condolences to Disha and her family.

In this Insta post, Sushant Singh wrote, ‘This is a very sad news. My condolences to Disha’s family and their friends. Reverence Fans are constantly giving their feedback on this post. At the same time, this post is fast becoming viral on social media. 

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