martyr memorial Agra

Picture of martyr memorial will change in Agra, Paliwal Park will also be renovated, preparations started

martyr memorial Agra

Agra, Jagran Correspondent. MLA Purushottam Khandelwal is trying to change the picture of the martyr memorial, while the work of beautification of Paliwal Park is also being done.

In this sequence, he along with ADA VC Rajendra Pensia and ADA member Nagendra Prasad Dubey Gama inspected both the places.

MLA Khandelwal informed that work is being done to develop the martyr memorial as an inspirational place. Light and sound system, reading room, library, all fountains, toilets, mini-pantry, seating areas have been asked to be fixed

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as well as gardening, Special attention has been given to sanitation and availability of drinking water.

The MLA said that the ADA VC has given instructions to the concerned officers to decorate the martyr memorial in tricolor and make all the idols colorful by getting them repaired.

In addition, a canteen will also be set up. It is being developed as an important place from the point of view of tourism so that people can visit the martyr memorial till late night.

After the inspection, the team reached Paliwal Park to inspect the ongoing development works.

The MLA said that along with the renovation of the pathway in Paliwal Park, a yoga center is also being built. There are statues in different postures of yoga.

Yoga centers and gym centers have been asked to be made more convenient. During this Bharat Sharma, Gulab Singh, Premdas Chaudhary etc. were present.

The speed of corona virus infection in Agra has now slowed down.

On Tuesday, there was a slight difference in the number of new cases and the number of cured patients.

Four cases were reported on Tuesday, while three people were cured, while on Monday nine cases were reported earlier.

So far, there have been a total of 25704 infected. At the same time, the active cases have increased to 69.

In the official figures, the death toll has come to 452. A total of 25183 people have also become healthy in Agra so far.

Till Tuesday, 1159238 people have been investigated. Till Monday, 1150859 people had been tested. The recovery rate has come down to 97.97 percent.

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