Jain University Kochi News

News on Jain University Kochi – Reasons to choose Jain University

Jain University Kochi News

Jain University Kochi is one of the top universities for any student or working professional who wants a degree.

Dr. Chenraj Roychand established the institution in 2008-09, and it has since then grown into one of India’s most prestigious universities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate education. Till date, the college has drawn students from different nations because of its comprehensive student experience.

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For intellectual excellence and sports prowess, the university is a renowned name. Jain University is proud of producing well-rounded, accomplished individuals, and prominent alumni.

Known as a leading university in Kochi, here are a few reasons why students should put Jain University at the top of their list for consideration:

 – A New Age Approach

Jain University’s new-age approach to education is where creativity holds the passage to success. Highly-skilled faculty members at Jain University utilise creative approaches to help students learn experiential skills, which assists them in working on their careers.

The new age approach emphasizes on skill development. Rather than focussing on classroom learning, these creative approaches help the students explore out of the box. Thus, the university focuses on out-of-the-box learning rather than conventional learning techniques.

 – It has a top-notch faculty

The faculty of Jain University consists of seven departments, each focusing on a different area of study.

Jain University Faculty

  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
  • Faculty of Languages

Students’ potential is emphasized to the best extent possible. Noted as one of India’s best institutions, faculty and staff at Jain university are known for going the additional mile to connect with students and assist them in developing into skilled professionals.

 – Global exposure

With 102 national and worldwide affiliations, Jain University students can get an enhanced source of learning through different opportunities available at the university like International Student Exchange program, and Research.

 – 100% Placement Assistance

Jain University is one of the best universities in India in terms of job placements. The university focuses on building confident and industry-ready professionals by counselling, nurturing, and grooming them.

The main focus is on the students to help them learn the skills they need to become ethical and industry-leading professionals. The university has stronger ties with the leading companies and startups, which provides students with an opportunity to work on polishing their skills and starting their career.

As a result, the Jain group of institutions reviews are great. Even the university has become the most preferred higher education destination for students in India and abroad because of its illustrious history of developing talent and entrepreneurial skills.

Prominent personalities like K.L Rahul (Cricketer), Kriti Kharbanda (Actress), Chakravarti Sulibele (Writer) are Jain University alumni With a decade of legacy in providing excellent education, the students can be assured of experiencing a higher level of learning and should ignore all Jain University fake news.

To stay updated about real and true Jain University Kochi news, students must follow the official channels belonging to the university.

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