Lodha Group News – Case – Fraud – Scam – Reviews?

Lodha Group News – Case – Fraud – Scam – Reviews?

If you look for Lodha Group review online, chances are you will come across news that questions the creditability of Lodha Group. Typically, when families decide to buy a home, which is a big investment for many, they will do thorough research. You would want to know for instance, how credible is Lodha Group.

Lodha Group News – Case – Fraud – Scam – Reviews?

The largest developer by sales in India is known for its landmark developments and its vision of ‘Building a Better Life’ has truly served society in the best ways. The foundation of Lodha Group was laid by Mr. Mangal Prabhat Lodha in the 1980s and his son Abhishek Lodha is currently the MD & CEO of Lodha Group.

Some of its notable projects include Lodha Altamount, The World Towers, Palava City Trump Tower Mumbai, and Lodha Park. The renowned real estate giant has also been honored with numerous prestigious awards for its unmatched quality contributions to real estate.

Our news agency always focuses on genuine content and our habit of revealing the real truth behind the layers of lies has cost us massive consequences. Nevertheless, how can a real fighter be afraid of trouble? However, dissatisfied buyers have shared their reviews on some social media platforms and news links to point out Lodha group frauds with customers. We have decided to get in touch with families who are currently experiencing the reality. We have gathered info related to completed and ongoing projects on the basis of consumers who have raised certain issues.

How We Gathered Conclusive Evidence?

To gather the evidence we looked online, where we saw the reviews, complaints raised by the people, and the projects most mentioned. Then we reached out to some of the residents in the projects mentioned to know their experience, we also spoke with brokers who sell Lodha Group houses to get their view. Additionally, we also tried to get in touch with employees to Lodha Group both current and past.

While working on so many channels, one thing we have noticed was the pure intent of Lodha Group to provide the best to everyone. After a deep investigation of Lodha Cases and Lodha group complaints, we found that these are nothing but rumors. We think it is an attempt to defame a fast-growing real estate developer.

Our team working over the internet also found that most of the reviews were fake. We want to let our audiences know how they reached this conclusion. According to digital marketing experts, reviews are written by an average person and hence, the probability to have perfect grammar in real users’ reviews is very low. Moreover, a real victim never tells a story or shows humour or too much anger in his/her view instead of sticking to the specific problem. Apart from that, the reviews were very dramatic.  Moreover, if you notice the text being used, you will see the same content is being used. Most of the profiles publishing the content seem to be fake.

We also spoke with Lodha Group employees and a few of their vendors to get a review of their construction work. To ascertain the truth we spoke with employees on the construction and engineering side. All of them were of the opinion that Lodha Group’s construction was up to the mark and they employed the latest technology. They also seem to use the material for construction from reputed suppliers.

All the major quality-based project activities had been accomplished by following the guidelines of Preventative Quality Metrics.

Now, the only part of the final report that remained to consider the opinions of families living in suspicious projects mentioned in the reviews. For the ongoing and upcoming projects, our experts took the opinions of investors. We had accomplished the list of 138 customers to make this report. The signs were highly positive and indicating towards the loyalty of Lodha Group to their customers. Moreover, the user names we had collected from negative review sections were all fake. In fact, no such person existed as per the faulty project mentioned in the review section.

Therefore, most of the negative news, reviews, and scam-related articles about defaming Lodha Group’s reputation and credibility seem to be fake. Some other very fine details about our ground check have not been mentioned here and based on this it can be said that Lodha Group is an extremely reliable real estate player to make safe investments or transactions.

Also Read: Lodha group scam is just a rumour there is no such case as the Lodha group frauds, Lodha group cheating, or Lodha group complaints.

How Lodha Group is better than anyone else?

In India’s real estate sector, Lodha Group is known for its fastest delivery of projects. The figure of their satisfied customers is very long and their euphoric feeling about the developers keeps them ahead in the industry. The company focuses more on providing instead of taking only from the investors. So please, leave aside your doubts regarding the Lodha group scam, avoid rumours and keep your faith in India’s most trusted real estate player.

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