Lisa Hayden is nervous about the birth of third child, wrote- ‘I worry about my baby’

New Delhi Being a mother is a beautiful feeling for every woman. This nine months journey is very beautiful for our mother and it is also very difficult. However, after the birth of the child, these difficulties turn into a sweet feeling. Every approaching mother becomes a little nervous when delivery time comes close. Something similar is happening with actress Lisa Hayden. Lisa has revealed this in one of her social media posts.

Lisa Hayden is about to become a mother for the third time and is a little nervous before the baby is born. Recently he shared a picture on his Instagram account. In this picture, she is wearing a bikini and has her son Leo in her lap. In the picture, Lisa is also flaunting her baby bump. While sharing this picture, Lisa has also written an emotional note.

While sharing this picture, Lisa wrote in the caption, ‘Mothers who are a little nervous about the baby coming, especially those who have one in their hands and now another is coming. I worry about Baby’s emotions, how he will express himself while he is learning to speak. Son, we will always love you, knowing that your sister is going to come in 10 weeks. ‘

Lisa further writes, ‘After a months-long lockdown, Hong Kong has now opened up in the middle. It is magical and also the cleanest. My favorite month is April. Here, the water is good, the sunshine is fine and there is no crowd at the beach. It is nice to see that Leo is with us all this year. He loves water very much, hoping that he will learn to swim soon. ‘

Let me tell you that Lisa Hayden recently shared the good news with the fans through social media that she is going to be a mother for the third time soon. She shared a video in which she was telling her son Jack, ‘Can you tell people what’s in Mummy’s tummy?’ On this, Jack says, ‘Baby sister’. Significantly, Lisa already has two sons, Jack and Leo.

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