Kangana Ranaut Vs Javed Akhtar: Javed Akhtar asked- If people had been Bhagat Singh today, what would people have said to him, Kangana replied

New Delhi Any story of Indian freedom struggle is incomplete without Sardar Bhagat Singh. His ideology about revolution and society is still relevant and inspiring for the youth. The birth anniversary of this great revolutionary is celebrated on 28 September. Veteran writer of Hindi cinema Javed Akhtar tweeted and questioned the relevance of his views in today’s politics, which Kangana Ranot replied. 

Javed wrote- “Some people not only refuse to accept this fact, but also hide from others that Shaheed Bhagat Singh was a Marxist and wrote an article – Why I am an Atheist. Can guess who these people are. I am surprised to think that if he (Bhagat Singh) were alive today, what would these people call him? ” 

On this question of Javed Akhtar, Kangana wrote- “I also wonder if if Bhagat Singh were alive, would he rebel against or support the government elected by his own people in a democratic manner?” Had he seen Bharat Mata divided into pieces on the basis of religion, would he still have been an atheist or would he wear his Basanti Chola? ”

Kangana is in the headlines these days for many reasons. Kangana raised the issue of dynasty in Bollywood after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He directly attacked many celebrities. Recently, Kangana was also in the news about the Jubani war with Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut. The BMC ransacked the illegal construction at his office in Mumbai, causing a lot of uproar. At the same time, Kangana is also constantly tweeting about drugs

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