FIR was filed against BJP MP Nishikant Dubey, Manoj Tiwari, and party chief Kapil Mishra

In Deoghar, construction is underway on the brand-new airport arena. Nishikant Dubey, a Godda MP, and the Deoghar district police are playing the FIR-FIR game over alleged rules violations at this airport. Additionally, he tweeted about the situation.

At Kunda police station, Deoghar police have filed the first FIR against nine people, including BJP leader Kapil Mishra, Godda MP Nishikant Dubey, and North-East Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari. For the benefit of DSP Suman, who is stationed at the airport, this FIR has been filed. On August 31, even after dusk, it is stated that the three leaders and their guests obtained approval at Deoghar Airport by pressuring the air traffic controllers to fly the jet against the rules.

travelled from Deoghar to Delhi in the evening after seeing the victim’s family at Dumka.

According to the complaint, poor visibility and bad weather made it impossible for ATC clearance. On August 31, the sun set at 6:03. The only time the plane could take off from here that day was around 5:30 p.m. In breach of security regulations, MP Nishikant Dubey, MP Manoj Tiwari, and MP Nishikant Dubey’s son went to the ATC and obtained approval while disregarding passenger safety even after there was no night flight service. Mukesh, Devta Pandey, and Pintu Tiwari were also spotted in the CCTV building at that time. Let us share with you that on August 31, three BJP politicians visited the family members of the Dumka burning victim to offer them financial support.

If no FIR is lodged, then a case is launched in Delhi after MP complains to the Deoghar SP regarding DC.

On the other hand, MP Nishikant Dubey also requested that a FIR be filed against Deoghar Deputy Commissioner Manjunath Bhajantri from the town’s SP. He said that this had to do with obstructing work, entering the DRDO area without authorization, scaring the airport director, jeopardising national security, obstructing work, using a criminal track pass, and encouraging the Jharkhand Police to assassinate me. The Deputy Commissioner Deoghar should be accused of violating the section. Under the applicable sections, there should also be a case brought against the Jharkhand Police. Dubey tweeted that he has filed a FIR against the Deoghar Deputy Commissioner in Delhi under sections 124B, 353, 120B, 441, 448, 201, 506, and Section 2/2 of the Official Secret Act after the Deoghar police declined to register the matter. filled out information.

The MP declared, “I am the head of the Deoghar airport advisory group.”

According to the laws of the Indian government, I am the head of the Advisory Committee for the Deoghar Airport, the MP wrote in the filing for the FIR. On August 31, I arrived at the Deoghar airport at 5:15 to catch the Delhi flight. Manoj Tiwari, former BJP MP and head of the civil aviation department, was with me. I was headed to the airport director’s office at Deoghar to ask about him. During this time, Jharkhand Police officials and staff prevented me from leaving while abusing my two sons. At the direction of Manjunath Bhajantri, the deputy commissioner of Deoghar, he performed the task of impeding my job.

How did you get into the forbidden area, DC enquired?

The MP has also objected in his application to visiting the DRDO restricted region without authorization from Deoghar DC and the airport’s security area. On this, the MP tweeted. Deoghar DC, on the other hand, stated in response to his tweet that I had entered with the entry pass and that I am also a member of the Deoghar Airport Board of Directors. Regarding this, the MP questioned him as to who had authorised his entry into the ATC tower, apron, and CCTV room. You have disregarded the rules.

Keep in mind that all of this will be documented in history, warned Babulal.

The conflict between Deoghar DC Manjunath Bhajantri and Godda MP Nishikant Dubey is well-known. They frequently appear in front of one another in various situations. Babulal Marandi, the leader of the BJP’s Legislature Party, has nonetheless also spoken his opinion on this issue. Hemant Sarkar tweeted his displeasure after learning that his 19 and 20-year-old kids had also been sued in Deoghar, even after Hemant Sarkar filed thirty-two complaints against the MP Nishikant Dubey and his wife. Mr. Hemant Soren Yes, keep in mind that all of this will be documented in history books.

Here, BJP State President Deepak Prakash tweeted and wrote that it is utterly incorrect for Hemant Sarkar to fabricate a case against BJP MPs Nishikant Dubey and Manoj Tiwari, as well as party leader Kapil Mishra, who went to express their sorrow to the relatives of the daughter who was burned to death in Dumka. It would have been beneficial if the government had pursued this course of action against the murderers. He predicted that the BJP’s shaky unity will persist.